Navlibx Removal Mac (Virus) - What Is + Get Rid Of It (Update Dec. 2019)

Navlibx Removal Mac

What is Navlibx Virus on Mac? How to remove Navlibx Virus App from your Mac? These are questions that a number of Mac users have been asking in their attempts to get rid of the nagging application.

Navlibx “Virus”

Navlibx has been reported by several sources to be a dangerous Mac malware, that may perform different malicious activities on the computers of victims. The main idea behind Navlibx is to create multiple different types of files and objects on the computers of victims and then spy on the victim Mac with the main idea to obtain different information.

If you are affected by the Navlibx “virus”, you may be seeing the following message: “Navlibx will damage your computer“. At the end of this article, you will find instructions related to the removal of Navlibx and whatever is causing it.

Threat Summary

TypeVirus for Mac OS
Short DescriptionMay enter your Mac and begin to display an error message, claiming that the file Navlibx is harmful.
SymptomsAn error message claiming it blocked Navlibx from your Mac.
Distribution MethodVia rogue antivirus or by being downloaded from the web.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Navlibx


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Navlibx – How Did I Get It?

Navlibx virus is a part of the “will damage your computer” pop-ups. More information about “will damage your computer message“. The messages appear like the following:

According to a reddit post by a user who has researched into the Navlibx subject, Navlibx is the following software:

What version of McAfee are you running? Googling the name shows release notes from 2007….

I managed to figure it out, it was a corrupted file from some university-suggested antivirus software, but thanks for the response.

From here it seems that Navlibx used to be some type of old antivirus software, that is a failed project. However, the same name could be related to a virus detection by Symantec antivirus, as another reddit user has reported:

Got the same problem just after upgrading to macOS Catalina today, the file is in `/Library/Application Support/Symantec/Antivirus/20191008.003` and I have no permission to remove it :(

Not only the file does what it wants, but may also use permission escalation to prevent you from removing it from your Mac.

Some users even believe that Navlibx could be exploited by malware vendors, since MacOS lets it set several different permissions on your Mac. The main idea is to use the Navlibx rights to enter your Mac altogether in combination with the usage of a Trojan or a Mac Keylogger, for example. This may not be the case, but if you have malware on your Mac, it could perform the following malicious activities:

  • Log the keys you type.
  • Read and change the information on the sites you visit.
  • Disable your antivirus and cause apps to malfunction.
  • Download other malware or adware.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Tap into your audio and video.
  • Read and modify or delete your files.

Be advised that if you notice those symptoms, the best course of action is to immediately focus on securing the data on your Mac and removing this nasty piece of malware.

Navlibx – Update November 2019

There may be a logical explanation as to why the Navlibx message is appearing to specific macOS users, and it is indeed related to Norton’s Symantec antivirus program. Apparently, the reason may be that version 7 of the antivirus software is not compatible with macOS Catalina. Some users may have received a notification about this, but most users were unaware.

Of course, the possibility that the issue is related to an unwanted program or adware still exists.

Remove Navlibx Virus from Your Mac

If you want to fully erase Navlibx virus, we strongly recommend that you follow the removal steps below. They contain all the necessary actions that are needed towards the removal of this bad piece of code. If you want to make sure that your Mac is virus free, experts always advise to do a scan with a proffessional anti-malware software, that will make sure to automatically detect and remove absolutely all sorts of virus files and objects from your Mac and make it safe to use again.


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