Remove Prnntfy.exe Miner Trojan Horse and Clean Your PC

Remove Prnntfy.exe Miner Trojan Horse and Clean Your PC


Is Prnntfy.exe a Trojan horse? Does Prnntfy.exe harm your computer? Can Prnntfy.exe spread to other computers over a network?

Prnntfy.exe is the name of a Trojan horse. An executable process related to the Prnntfy.exe Trojan horse is involved in spreading it. That process might be hidden inside your operating system. Malware researchers have also revealed that the Trojan is related to toolbars that change settings in Internet browsers. The Prnntfy.exe Trojan got inside your machine without your permission and could try to steal credential data and personal information from your computer. Prnntfy.exe Trojan may also use a lot of resources such as power, video memory or CPU and GPU power, so it is in your best interest to remove it as fast as you can.

Threat Summary

NamePrnntfy.exe Miner Trojan
TypeTrojan Horse, Miner Malware
Short DescriptionPrnntfy.exe is a Trojan horse that is probably put in your computer system via a similar malware on your computer system.
SymptomsYou may see a rise in the usage of your computer’s resources like CPU, RAM or GPU, while your computer will accordingly consume more electric power and may even overheat if a cryptocurrency miner is involved. Otherwise, there are barely any symptoms most of the time, other than a significant system slowdown or frequent system crashes.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages, JavaScript
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Prnntfy.exe Miner Trojan


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Prnntfy.exe Trojan – How Does It Spread and What Damage Can It Do?

The Prnntfy.exe Trojan malware could spread through a few methods, the most effective of which is via third-party installation setups. Such installers usually come from bundled applications and freeware that is packed with additional features, set to be installed with some other software. The unpacking of anything additive could occur without any prior notification. You could have installed a video converter or some other free program and got your browser settings altered from this redirect. Prnntfy.exe Trojan might also be delivered via exploit kits, or in files (typically using filenames related to popular keyword searches) which are downloaded from various malicious websites.

Prnntfy.exe Trojan is the name of a Trojan horse. An executable process related to the Trojan horse is involved in spreading it.

That process might be hidden as a legitimate service on your operating system. Prnntfy.exe, seems to be involved with browser toolbars, which modify browser settings. Such toolbars are still attacking users’ computer systems worldwide. Prnntfy.exe Trojan horse can be spying on you, your habits and stealing information from your computer.

Prnntfy.exe Trojan is highly likely to make some additional components that will aid it to achieve its purpose to full effect. Thus, after it being executed on the system, it may establish a remote connection to a command and control server where all other malicious files are available. The Trojan horse has a few aliases as follows:

  • Prnntfy.exe
  • Prnntfy.dll

Below you can see some useful tips that can help you to prevent similar Trojan malware from installing onto your PC, in the future:

  • Run programs inside a sandbox environment
  • Install an advanced anti-malware protection
  • Update your mostly-used programs and software in general
  • Update your OS with security updates
  • Install an ad-blocker application
  • Be wary around your e-mails and don’t open them unless you know the source
  • Disable macros in Microsoft Office Applications
  • Disable JavaScript
  • Keep your firewall ON

Prnntfy.exe Trojan will probably try to extract as much information as possible based on its capabilities and try to propagate further on a network to access other devices. It is highly recommend that you remove the malware threat, because the Prnntfy.exe Trojan might also degrade your system’s lifespan by using lots of resources.

Remove Prnntfy.exe Trojan Completely

To remove Prnntfy.exe Trojan manually from your computer, follow the step-by-step removal tutorial written down below. In case this manual removal does not get rid of the miner malware completely, you should search for and remove any leftover items with an advanced anti-malware tool. Such software can keep your computer secure in the future.

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