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How to Remove Rodeo Tor Browser Scam (July 2017)

This article is created with the main purpose to show you how to remove Rodeo Scam Tor browser from your computer.

Believe it or not, the fake web browser wave did not surpass the notorious Tor browser as well. A fake web browser, which claims to provide access to some particular locations in the deep web has been reported by malware researchers to be a complete sham. The browser only pretends to be Tor, but instead of communicating via the Tor network, it displays a page directly coming from a third-party web server. The website, which offers illegal activities displayed by the browser, called Rodeo Marketplace and claims to sell illegal things (drugs, weapons, etc.) online is also a scam. So, in case you have become a victim of this web browser, we recommend that you read this article, learn more about it and how to remove it properly.

Threat Summary

NameRodeo browser
TypeMalicious and fake TOR-like web browser that is a scam.
Short DescriptionAims to lead the a user to what appears to be a phishing web page of a site, known as Rodeo Marketplace which is also a scam.
SymptomsAlmost identical in the way that it looks to Tor web browser, but is named Rodeo. Coded in .NET
Distribution MethodAdvertised on forums, the dark web and other suspicious online marketplaces and web sites.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Rodeo browser


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Rodeo browser.
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How Rodeo Browser Lures Victims in Its Trap

An investigation by cyber-security experts has concluded that this malicious web browser is advertised on various online places, including software-providing websites, torrent engine sites’ forums and many other sites. Some even claim they saw this browser being advertised in the form of:

  • Links in YouTube tutorials on “How to Install Rodeo Browser” or similar.
  • Banners.
  • Pop-ups.
  • Browser redirects.
  • Comments on websites.

If you see the advertisements to this browser, it will likely lure you into clicking on it, because of the browser’s “main advantage”. It advertises the so-called Rodeo Marketplace – a fake deep web marketplace, only accessible from this browser. It offers many illegal objects, like weaponry, drugs, substances and many others. However, you must not download the Rodeo browser, since it is nothing but a sham.

Analysis and Activity of Rodeo Browser

Even though the Rodeo web browser is coded in .NET, the scamming software aims to resemble any initial process with the Tor browser. Even when you turn it on, it pretends to be connecting to the tor network:

But the Rodeo browser is not entirely different than the Tor, browser, because it is essentially Tor itself, only it’s internals are heavily modified in order to provide access exclusively to the deep web marketplace. Later In the investigation, it was established that the Rodeo browser has only borrowed the interface of Tor. And what is more than that, most of the buttons on it do not open anything. And expected enough, the settings menu on the fake web browser are configured to load Rodeo Marketplace:

When the marketplace is visited, it is advertised as “most reliable service market on the web” with “years of experience”. However, this is all untrue, because of the fact that the Rodeo Marketplace website actually leads to a third-party web server with a hidden location. And what is more, the website does not feature any PGP encryption to protect the users even if they purchase something from it, for example “hackers for hire”:

In addition to this, the Rodeo browser features multiple BitCoin wallets where you must pay in BitCoin if you want to order an illegitimate services. So it is a fake website of a legitimate website – really clever. Once you have paid in BitCoin, the service is anonymous and you do not get any contact or product back. And whenever the users pay something in the site, they actually pay it to the cyber-criminals instead of buying a product or a service. In the same time the traffic of the site is redirected to a third-party FTP server, meaning the hackers can see live, what you are doing on the site itself.

How to Remove Rodeo Browser Immediately

In order to get rid of this nasty piece of scamming code, we strongly suggest that you act immediately, than to risk it to involve you into further trouble. This is why we advise you to follow the removal instructions down below. They are specifically designed to remove any traces of Rodeo browser. But, since this browser may also tamper with crucial Windows components, experts strongly suggest to use an advanced anti-malware software in order to effectively detect all associated files, mutexes, modified registry entries as well as processes that contribute to the running of this web browser on your PC.

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