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Southwest Airlines Facebook Scams

Southwest Airlines Facebook scams are specially designed to help cyber crooks get their hands on personal information and distribute various threats to the affected computers. The diversity of the Southwest Airlines Facebook scam types on the social media keeps growing each day.

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The Different Southwest Airlines Facebook Scams

The Fake Event

A Southwest Airlines Facebook scam that has been spread recently involves a fake Southwest Airlines Facebook web page promoting a fake “Get 2 Air tickets for 0 costs” event. Users are invited to join the event in order to receive two free Southwest Airlines Facebook tickets. Providing their names and addresses is also part of the hoax. According to the website, users who invite 200 of their friends to join the event will receive four additional tickets that will be delivered in the next four days.

The Free Ticket

In most cases, the Southwest Airlines Facebook scams try to lure the non-suspecting users into following a certain link or a set of instructions in order to acquire free Southwest Airlines Facebook tickets. This sort of scam relies on FB events and pages to make the provided information seem legitimate. However, the provided pages are designed only to trick users into providing their personal data.


The Survey

Another type of Southwest Airlines Facebook scam is presented as an innocent survey that will only take a minute to fill. The more information he user provides, the better – email address, full name, addresses, etc. the collected data is commonly used for marketing purposes and results in various email spam, phone calls from telemarketers, junk mail at home.

The Third-Party Link

Some Southwest Airlines Facebook scams may try to direct the user to certain third-party web pages using Facebook messages or links. Such unverified sites can host different threats or even automatic web attacks. The latter can hack a Facebook profile and collect personal information, send messages on the victim’s behalf, etc.

These scams can lead to the installation of rogue Facebook apps on the compromised account.

What to Do if Your System Has Been Compromised by a Southwest Airlines Facebook Scam?

Users, whose systems have been compromised by the Southwest Airlines Facebook scams are advised to scan their systems for malware and use a reputable anti-spyware program to remove the threats from their computers. Changing the current Facebook password and removing all rogue Facebook applications is a must.


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