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Stop Adtiger(.)tk Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Referral traffic coming in from Adtiger(.)tk may be the last thing you want to see popping up on your Google Analytics page. This type of referral traffic is familiar as Ghost Referrer spam, and it is performed via a specially programmed spam bot that includes a combination of different technologies. They allow the Adtiger(.)tk spammers to conduct automatically spam the website while not even being visited the website.

NameAdtiger(.)tk Spam
TypeReferral Spam
Short DescriptionSwiftly devaluates Google Analytics data, especially when sites with low traffic are involved. May advertise dangerous third-party URLs.
SymptomsSudden spikes in GA data.
Distribution MethodVia PUPs, installed by bundling (Browser Hijackers) or by visiting a suspicious third-party site that is advertising it.
Detection ToolDownload Malware Removal Tool, to See If Your System Has Been Affected by Adtiger(.)tk Spam
User Experience Join our forum to discuss Adtiger(.)tk Spam.

Adtiger(.)tk Referral Spam Distribution

This type of spam is reported by researchers at Ohow possibly be what is known as Ghost Referral(or referrer) spam. This type of spam uses advanced technologies to exploit the free hyper text transfer protocol(HTTP) and connect remotely to the targeted segment of the website it wants to affect. These advanced technologies allow it to remain hidden and spam websites for long periods of time than the more conventional Web Crawler spamming technique. Hence the “ghost” in Ghost Referral.

Adtiger(.)tk In Detail

Once the domain was analyzed it was established that it was an advertising site and its global rank in Alexa( was around 2M.


Furthermore, the following technical information about Adtiger(.)tk surfaced:

→ Origin: Poland
IP address:
Blacklisted in the spam watcher sites:;

Furthermore, on the website itself there is information on its methods to use affiliates to advertise online:


From what is observed so far, the Ghost Referral spam redirecting to Adtiger(.)tk is strongly believed to be used by affiliate spammers who have included in their PPC (pay-per-click) scheme. However, this may be just the beginning of the dangers associated with that. Since the spammers may advertise third-party websites via Adtiger(.)tk, such sites may conceal various risks from the user:

  • Phishing websites that usually resemble retailer stores like AliExpress, Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, BestBuy and others, but only aim to steal financial data when the user buys something.
  • Fake tech support scamming sites that may use scareware messages to get users to call a provided number and make that phone call immensely expensive for the victim.
  • Malicious websites that may infect the user with various types of malware, like Trojan Horse malwareor Ransomware variants.
  • Websites that promote rogue applications that may collect user data or crash the user PC regularly.

The bottom line is that besides the quick devaluation of the statistics of your site in Google Analytics rendering the data corrupt, this spam may also be dangerous for the users who have clicked on it.

Remove Stop Adtiger(.)tk Referral Spam from Your Site

In order to prevent this referral spam from your computer, it is strongly advisable to take immediate actions to block it out via several different methods. This is why we have provided different techniques for that, and we advise you to use the appropriate ones for your situation. We have also included blacklists of other reported domains that may be taken advantage of by spammers.

1: Filtering Adtiger(.)tk Spam in Google Analytics
1: Block Adtiger(.)tk Spam from Your Server.
3: Stop Adtiger(.)tk Spam via WordPress.

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