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Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 Is All about Machine Learning


Artificial intelligence is changing all aspects of the modern life, our online security included. Machine learning in particular is making its way to forever altering the mechanisms of endpoint protection. The future is literally happening at this very moment, as visible by the just-launched Endpoint Protection 14 by Symantec. What’s different here is that the solution is powered by AI and machine learning on the endpoint and in the cloud.

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According to the infosec company, the employment of machine learning to sort data and detect patterns and anomalies triggered by cyberattacks helps AI administer “a multi-layered solution able to stop advanced threats and respond at the endpoint regardless of how the attack is launched.”

What’s Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 all about?

It features machine learning, memory exploit mitigation and threat intelligence implemented by Symantec and Blue Coat. In fact, Symantec recently acquired the cybersecurity company for $4.6 billion. Symantec and Blue Coat have jointed knowledge and technology, and the just-released Endpoint Protection is the first result of this collaboration.

The cybersecurity giant claims that their solution works at 99.9 percent efficiency, which is truly remarkable. This high level of efficiency also means low false positives and a 70 percent carbon footprint reduction when compared to previous endpoint solutions.

Mike Fey, president and chief operating officer at Symantec said that:

Multi-layered protection, enabled by artificial intelligence, backed by the world’s largest and most powerful threat intelligence force, and powered by the cloud — this is literally the smartest choice in endpoint technologies.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 is an essential element of an integrated cyber defense strategy that enterprises require to combat today’s advanced threats”, he concluded.

Just a couple of months ago, in September, Symantec revealed another innovative solution – the Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud. The tool is created for SMBs to administer antivirus and firewall software, mobility and encryption services.

Machine learning – cybersecurity’s brightest future?

Considering the fast pace at which AI is evolving and reshaping our reality, both online and offline, this will soon be the standard cybersecurity protection. Even though it’s not uncommon for infosec gurus to argue the high efficiency of machine learning in cybersecurity, there are many who believe this is indeed the correct path.

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As pointed out by security expert Mike Stute:

As part of a larger cybersecurity solution, machine learning can help human security analysts when it comes to detecting real threats more quickly, so that an enterprise can act on them more swiftly. The technology can plumb the depths of historical security data to learn what attacks look like based on hidden variables and their relationships to each other, all in preparation for “seeing” the next attack when it hits. From the big data it accumulates and analyzes of normal network behavior, it can learn what is appropriate activity and speedily flag that which appears to be out of place. The sooner such problems are identified, the sooner communication can take place between security analysts and engineers to address threats.

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