System Support Alert (Windows Defender) Scam – How to Remove It

System Support Alert (Windows Defender) Scam – How to Remove It

This article has been created in order to explain to you what is the System Support Alert scam and how you can remove the scamming message and the potentially unwanted program that is causing it on your PC.

The System Support Alert is the type of scamming message which has been designed in order to trick users in to calling the tech support number 877-213-9242. Calling the number is highly inadvisable, since the scammers may employ scare ware tactics with the main goal to get you to grant them remote access to your computer and ask you to pay a lot of money to remove what they claim is the Zeus Virus. In the events that you have encountered the System Support Alert messages, we would suggest that you immediately take actions towards removing the program causing this tech support scam page to appear by reading the following article.

Threat Summary

NameSystem Support Alert
TypeRansomware, Cryptovirus
Short Description
SymptomsYou may start seeing various types of online pop-ups and other types of unwanted content to begin appearing.
Distribution MethodVia PUP.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by System Support Alert


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss System Support Alert.

System Support Alert – Distribution Methods

For the System Support Alert to be spread on the computers of users, there may be several methods via which this may have happened. One of those methods is if you have visited a website which has a low reputation. Usually low-rep sites often cause web browser redirections and other types of unwanted browser redirects the outcome of which may be to have your web browser locked by this scamming pop-up.

Another reason for receiving the System Support Alert redirect could be if you have a PUP (potentially unwanted program) that is installed on your computer. Usually those unwnated programs tend to find themselves onto users’ computers by slithering into the installers of third-party freeware aps downloaded from software providing websites. These installers may contain the PUP that is causing the System Support Alert pop-ups on the computers of users. Most users tend to miss it’s installation prompt, because the install step is often concealed In the “Custom” or “Advanced” installation options on the user PC.

System Support Alert – More Information

Once the System Support Alert message is installed on the victim PC, users start seeing the following message:

The message claims that Spyware has been detected on the victim PC, and this may not even be the case as no real antivirus program or support software would ask a victim to call a tech support number. And when we checked the number itself (877-213-9242), we have quickly come to the conclusion that multiple different instances of the number have started to pop-up on the radar of victims.

When we checked the number itself, we have established that it’s main purpose is to scam users out of their money or to get victims to allow remote access to the cyber-criminals. Some users have reported to cold-call the number and were asked to pay hundreds of dollars to fix the problem and give access to the caller on the other side, who posed as a Microsoft Employee. In addition to the scamming message, victims have also reported a pop-up with the following notification to appear and they could not close the pop-up as it automatically reopens:

** Windows Warning Alert **
Malicious Spyware/Riskware Detected
Error # 0x80072ee7

Please call us immediately at: 877-213-9242
Do not ignore this critical alert.
If you close this page, your computer access will be disabled to prevent further damage to our network.
Your computer has alerted us that it has been infected with a Spyware and riskware. The following information is being stolen…
Financial Data
Facebook Logins
Credit Card Details
Email Account Logins
Photos stored on this computer
You must contact us immediately so that our expert engineers can walk you through the removal process over the phone to protect your identity. Please call us within the next 5 minutes to prevent your computer from being disabled or from any information loss.

Toll Free: 877-213-9242

System Support Alert – December 2018 Samples

In December 2018 we have been alerted of a new variant of the System Support Alert scam. The pop-ups show a different message which impersonates Microsoft and manipulates the users into thinking that they have been infected with a virus threat. A fake tech support number is quoted. The classic scenario is followed: the victim users will think that a genuine threat has been detected on their systems. The pop-up is similar to actions orchestrated by anti-virus software and operating system services which uses it as a notifications method. The number quoted will connect the victims to a fake tech support center from where the criminals will direct the users into paying the a large fee in order to “restore” their computers.

In reality the serious security issue is the presentation of the pop-up dialog, this might signal that the users have visited a malicious site or portal or that their system have been infected with another threat — browser hijackers for example.

Possible consequences of accessing this page can be any of the following:

  • User Tracking — The pop-ups and associated scam page can deploy tracking cookies that will harvest detailed information about the users and their machines.
  • Miner Infections — The fact that the pop-up messages are spawned from a main web page shows a possibility for cryptocurrency miners infections. They can be launched using simple JavaScript code. They will download complex mathematical tasks which will utilize the available system resources: CPU, GPU, memory and hard disk space. When one of them is reported to the servers the hacker operators will receive income directly into their digital wallets.
  • Further Redirects — Upon accessing the site or when interacting with certain elements the users can be redirected to other scams or hacker sites. This can lead to virus infections and other dangerous scenarios.

Remove System Support Alert Scam from Windows and Your Browser

If you want to remove the System Support Alert tech support scam from your computer, we strongly suggest that you follow the removal instructions posted underneath this article. They have been created with the main idea In mind to help you delete this virus either manually or automatically. Be advised that according to experts the best way to try and remove the software that is causing the System Support Alert scamming pop-ups is to use an advanced anti-malware software. Such program is created with the idea in mind to fully scan your computer and try to eliminate any traces of unwanted programs while protecting your computer against future infections as well.


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