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Uninstall Windows Update KB3022345 a k a Diagnostics Tracking Service

downloadOne of the latest updates released by Microsoft Windows for Windows versions 7 and 8 has raised a red flag in online security communes. Several users have complained and shared experiences through forum posts.

Their primary concern is they have encountered issues after installing Windows Update KB3022345 released on May 14, 2015. The update is also known as DiagTrack or Diagnostics Tracking Service. The description of the KB3022345 update may appear troublesome to expert users since it pretty much fits the description of a keylogger and data collection tool.

How Do Microsoft Developers Describe KB3022345 Update?

Once acquired and installed, the DiagTrack program will start collecting information about the user, his devices, applications and networks, and his use of the very same devices, applications, and networks. Examples of gathered data, as stated by Microsoft, include:

→Name, email address, preferences and interests, browsing, search and file history, phone call and SMS data, device configuration and sensor data, application usage.

Collected data is then used to improve and determine the compatibility of various services such as speech-to-text. Despite the well-intended explanation of the update, forum researchers warn that the features of DiagTrack perfectly fit the qualities of a keystroke logger or data collection tool mostly applied by cybercriminals and third party developers.

DiagTrack or diagtrack.dll is a standard feature of Windows 10. Users often refer to it as a ‘built-in keylogger’.

How Can I Remove KB3022345 Update?

The good news is that the service is optional even though it is listed as recommended on the system. DiagTrack may be uninstalled easily. Proceed as it follows:

→Control Panel > Program and Features > View Installed Updates > type KB3022345 in the search bar> Uninstall.

Article Update

Other cumulative Windows 10 Updates:

KB3068708, KB3022345


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  1. T

    I have over 300 updates listed in the Windows update – but NO KB3022345 update, yet I have the diagtrackrunner.exe program. How do I remove it?
    Tried to re-download KB3022345 – having an issue finding it – to reinstall to see if it adds the update to my list of updates.

    Can you help??

  2. spook


    run cmd as administrator

    sc stop Diagtrack
    sc delete Diagtrack

    1. Muttley

      I tried that it doesn’t work. Help.

    2. Gattski

      Thanks Spook that worked for me.

    3. Steve Miller

      C:WINDOWSsystem32>sc stop Diagtrack

      SERVICE_NAME: Diagtrack
      WIN32_EXIT_CODE : 0 (0x0)
      SERVICE_EXIT_CODE : 0 (0x0)
      CHECKPOINT : 0x3
      WAIT_HINT : 0x0 this meen it worked Or another error lol

  3. vasilis

    i can’t find this update, although utcsvc is still running….

  4. vasilis

    tnks mate that helped :) you re the best :D


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