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More Than 3000 Sites’ Data Found on the Magbo Underground Market

A security research team discovered that the sensitive data belonging to numerous breached websites have been posted on sale on the Magbo underground market. This community has been found to list many of the recently hacked major online services. Our article gives further information about the findings.

Magbo Underground Market Places Breached Website Data On Sale

An investigation into the Magbo underground market has revealed that many of the recently breached websites data is being offered there. The team states that about 3000 individual sites have their sensitive database posted. Advertisements for the hacker market were posted on a popular hacker community back in March. Upon following the links the MagBo site was found. The analysis of the reveals that the users are composed of buyers and vendors that predominantly deal in hijacked information. According to the researchers in the last few years there is a rising trend in the selling of account credentials.

The acquired information can be used for various crimes including identity theft and financial abuse. The information used by the hackers can help them orchestrate spam campaigns, cryptocurrency mining, network penetrations and etc.

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The more troublesome fact is that the Magbo underground market features data vendors that have been involved in high-profile intrusions. Some of the attacks against the major online sites and services used a custom-built attack infrastructure which has allowed the criminal collective to entirely bypass the security measures. Detection of the incident was made late and as a consequence the account data of many customers are at risk of being used for crimes.

An overview of the hacked sites reveals that most of them are e-commerce sites, other industries include healthcare, legal and insurance portals, as well as government facilities. There are three main hosting servers locations that seem to be the focus of the attacks — the United States, Germany and Russia.

The offered prices are based on the site’s page ranking — the metrics can include the Alexa, Google Pagerank or other similar values or direct traffic information. The offered databases are offered with various privilege levels, labels include “full access”, “ability to edit content” and information packs where the buyers can enter in their own values.

Other items for sale on Magbo include stolen ID cards, breached payment-wallet access credentials, stolen social network accounts and etc.

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