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AOMEI OneKey Recovery Review

What Is AOMEI OneKey Recovery?

In case you have experienced а system crash on your Windows device, it most likely has some form of built-in backup that will help restore it to its last known good configuration. However, some devices may not have built-in tools of this kind.

This is where programs like AOMEI OneKey Recovery come in. The software has been specifically designed in order to help you create custom partitions of your PC or Server and restore your device by pressing a hotkey.

In this review, we will see how AOMEI OneKey Recovery works in detail and how it can help secure your machine and data without you having to reinstall everything.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Profile

Name AOMEI OneKey Recovery
Type OneKey recovery software.
Developer AOMEI Tech Co., Ltd
Operating System Windows Os
License Price $29.95 per single license

AOMEI OneKey Recovery – In-Depth

OneKey Recovery has been created by AOMEI Tech Co., Ltd – a company specialising in data insurance. This software is fairly light and allows for you to set up as many restore points on your machine as you wish, in case it gets attacked by a virus, or some error or system crash damages the operating system.

One important detail to know is this software should not be mistaken with data recovery, but rather seen as a more radical and innovative backup program.

First Impressions

When we downloaded this app, we noticed that it was extremely light, making it fast and easy to download and setup. It has an easy-to-use UI (user interface):

onekey recovery user interface

The primary menu of the software gives us two main choices – to backup your Windows OS or to recover it.

For the backup options, you have two primary choices – to backup the system to a OneKey Recovery partition, which is advisable as you can use the full functionality of the software, or if you want a custom solution, you can backup to another location, like an external drive.


If you make a choice to perform a backup to another location, then the system asks you to which location you want the system image to be saved:


And in case you choose the recommended option, the software displays a monitoring screen that will detect how much memory is required to create a system image for the backup, so having this choice is rather well thought out:

onekey recovery system choice

The backup process really depends on the size of the drive you are creating a system image of. Nonetheless, the app is as light as possible and capable in processing data quite fast.

When it comes to the recovery menu, there is not much to say, but that it is created in a simple and easy to understand way, which is good. All the user has to do is select the image to recover from and that’s it:

onekey recovery

One of the most important features this software has is the boot failure recovery feature. This means that you can recover your system using a hotkey, if your computer fails to boot and gives you an error, like one of the following:

  • Windows failed to start.
  • Error locating BOOT.INI.
  • Disk boot failure.
  • Error loading operating system.
  • Others.

The default hotkeys this program has are “F11” or “A” keys.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery’s Different Plans

When it comes to this product, it is crucial to know that it does not come just for a single user use. It has a more sophisticated and technical version, where system administrators can use it to recover multiple Windows systems in a work environment.

Below, you can see more info on all of the package plans that are offered by AOMEI for their OneKey Recovery software.

Single License (also known as OneKey Recovery Professional) at $29.95

This plan is oriented towards the single user and includes the factory image restore in case your system fails to boot.

Company License (also referred to as AOMEI OneKey Recovery Technician) at $499

This is the “technician” version of the software, as it is more suitable when managing multiple computers without a limit to their numbers on a local company network, providing an adequate service for clients as well. It is very suitable if you are an IT expert and are responsible for managing a number of computers, belonging to clients. If one client calls you and complains they cannot boot their computer, you can recover it quite easily even over the phone, if you have this software installed.

Enterprise (Full Features) License (also known as AOMEI OneKey Recovery Customization) at $999

This is the feature that not only provides all of the features we have mentioned above, but also gives you the ability to choose how the interface looks like, such as the logo, the links it will have, background images, etc., including making it your own “brand”. Rather expensive, but very suitable for businesses.

What We Like

  • Simple and easy to use user interface.
  • All plans come with Lifetime Upgrades to the latest version without expiration.
  • The backup image can be encrypted with a password to keep it from prying eyes.

What Is Missing

  • Pricing and features could be improved for the “Customization” version to contain more value as it is the most likely to be used by larger-scale businesses.
  • A better demo could be added that creates one example system image, allowing you to see more about what your options are.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a powerful program that has the capability of easyfying the data management process, when you are at home or when you are managing a large organisation. We would love to see more in terms of features for the more expensive version of the application, but it is excellent the way it is, too. AOMEI OneKey Recovery offers all you would need from this type of software.

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