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Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Technicians License Software Review

What is Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Technicians License? How does Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Technicians License work? Software review of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Technicians License.

The professional version of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is here, and it includes more advanced features for recovering files of the most used file extensions (photos, videos, documents, emails) from the Hard Drives, Solid Stat Drives, external drives (USB, MicroSD) and even RAID servers. Typically, we have decided to look into their features and compare it with the standard version of the software to see the benefits for the higher price.

Subnote: This article was originally created February 2016, but we gave it an update September 2019.

App Profile

Name Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Technicians License
Type File Recovery Software
Developer Stellar Information Systems Limited
Download Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Technicians License
Operating System Windows OS
License Price $299 for full Technician’s license / 49$ for regular license
STF’s Test Machine Lenovo B50-70 with 64-bit Windows 8.1
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Windows Data Recovery Technicians License – Main Features

When the program is first started, you quickly notice the user-friendly interface that is typical for all Stellar products:

It offers a great overview of the targeted places and file types you want to recover. Not only this, but since this is the Technicans’ License, it quickly becomes clear that Stellar have focused on features that enable the software to be activated with ease on many machines.

During scanning, the program is relatively quick in comparison with the competition, but in the same time is very thorough and detailed in showing time left and types of files recovered. It even has a preview option which allows you to see which files are restored and to what extent.

When we first opened the program, we noticed that it indeed had more features, and they were exactly what we believed this software needed. Here are several of them along with explanations for each one:

Quick Recovery can quickly scan your drives and removable media. It may also be used as a recovery method for System images that are damaged. Despite this option is fast and efficient, we would recommend waiting more time and using the Advanced Recovery feature.

Deleted Recovery allows you to recover data that is erased from either a volume or an external drive. Suitable for faster scans of removable drives. Users who have corrupted flash drives or such with encrypted data in them may benefit from this feature.

Advanced Recovery performs an extended and full scan that is slower but more efficient. It also allows you to select between two file systems – the older FAT32 and the newer NTFS in case it is looking for files on a drive that Is using such systems. Very appropriate for people who know what they are looking for.

We advise using the Raw Recovery option since it has just what you need when using recovery software – to restore the files you want and not other garbage files along with them that you do not require. It is a faster method of doing so. With this option, you can select and deselect the file extensions that you will be looking forward to recover(ex. .mp3, avi, mp4):


What we particularly enjoyed seeing is the advanced settings that allows the user to tinker a machine however it is suitable. This is perfect for network administrators or someone who is trying to fix a computer from distance. This is something we truly haven’t seen in a data recovery software.

When we performed a memory test during advanced scan the results were also quite surprising in comparison to the standard version:


In addition to that, we have established that the software is relatively bigger in size in comparison to the regular version. This is understandable due to the features of the program:


What is more, the program has the ability to recover deleted emails from PST type of files which are characteristic for email clients such as Microsoft Outlook. Another interesting feature besides those was the RAID recovery which is very suitable for recovering defective hard drives. Besides the CD/DVD recovery which is also a suitable feature for old disks, the program has the option to recover photos, which is a feature if its Stellar Photo Recovery stand-alone software.

Regarding whether or not the program is able to recover the files, we can only say that it will do the best it can. The detail about recovery that everyone should be aware of is that it is very variable. This means that if what is left of your deleted or damaged files is in a very poor condition any recovery program will have a hard time restoring it. So we advise users who are about to download this program not to reinstall Windows or format their drive.

What We Like

What we particularly enjoyed about this application was the many features added while in the same time the program remained relatively fast:

  • Low in size.
  • Ability to recover data from distance (Remote recovery).
  • Customizable(Raw) recovery restricted to specific file extensions.(.mp3, docx, etc.).
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Ability to choose between filesystems (FAT32 and NTFS)

What Is Missing

There were several features which we noticed to have room for improvement.

  • The price
  • Few bugs when stopping the scan and trying to go back to the main menu.
  • Email recovery could support other software such as Mozilla Thunderbird, for example.
  • A bit higher CPU usage during Advanced scan.


The bottom line is this software is recommended for people who recover data often not just users who are going to use it once. The only situation when users should download and install it is when they require one of the features in the program, like the CD/DVD recovery for example. Otherwise, the program is more suitable for technicians that do this on a daily basis as a service to others.

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