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Black Friday 2018 – Scams You Should Expect

With the upcoming black Friday on the 23rd of November, we have decided to turn a little attention on the type of scams which you should expect to arrive at your doorstep.

The 21st century is a good place in time to be, because unlike previous black Fridays where people used to fight each other over a set of DVD players, now they can simply be faster than the other person while shopping online. But this opens up users to a whole new types of threats that they should be expecting – scams. Below, we have prepared briefly the scams which you should be expecting when it comes to the upcoming black Friday.

E-mail Scams

E-mail scams are quite popular nowadays and they often end up in either giving away your name and other personal information (Social security number, etc) or giving away your credit card details. This is why we urge you to always check the web links or the e-mail addresses from which the e-mails are sent to you, because you risk becoming a victim of a scam, similar to the [wplinkpreview url=”https://sensorstechforum.com/dhl-phishing-scams-get-rid/”]DHL Phishing scam or others of this type.

Shopping Facebook Scams

These scams have already started to appear, with one of the most notorious Facebook fraud pictures out there, the [wplinkpreview url=”https://sensorstechforum.com/remove-rayban-virus-facebook/”]Ray-Ban Facebook scam:

Be advised that you may fall victim to this scam as a result of seeing an infected friend and it may lead you to a fake Ray-Ban or any other brand’s web page, where you only think you have made an online purchase, but in reality you may be entering your credit card information for your funds to be stolen via a phishing payment page:

Another such scam is the [wplinkpreview url=”https://sensorstechforum.com/facebook-nike-shoes-scam-2018-shows-history-repeats/”]Nike Shoes scam, which also spread via Facebook or Instagram and also displayed fake web pages of Nike’s official site:

Phishing Redirect Scams

These types of redirects often come onto your PC or Mac as a result of having a PUP installed on it. PUP means a Potentially Unwanted Program and these programs often turn out to be viruses, that must be dealt with, because their main goal is to show you aggressive amount of advertising which may lead you to fake login pages to shopping and payment sites, like PayPal, Amazon, eBay and others.

The latest redirect virus of this type, which we have detected was the AliExpress virus, which we saw to show browser redirections to fake AliExpress websites, generating the scammers millions from misled users who begun shopping on a fake site:

Conclusion and Protection

Be advised that you should not just stand around and believe that this web page is legitimate. There are ways via which you can learn how to protect yourself from these cyber-criminal masterminds. If you want to learn more about how to easily create a safe system for protection against phishing sites and scammers, read the related articles underneath:

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