Remove Black Friday 2019 Scams — Protect Yourself

Remove Black Friday 2019 Scams — Protect Yourself

This article has been created in order to explain to you what is the Black Friday 2019 Scams and how you can remove them as well as all potentially unwanted programs delivered through them.

The Black Friday 2019 Scams are one of the most popular social engineering campaigns this season. They are constructed on the premise that online users will search for coupons, sales and product deals related to the holiday season. Taking advantage of this fact the criminals can construct elaborate campaigns that show fake ads and product listings.

Threat Summary

NameBlack Friday 2019
TypePhishing email scam
Short DescriptionThe Black Friday 2019 Scams is a recent example of scam e-commerce sales.
SymptomsVictims will receive email messages or will navigate to a scam site.
Distribution MethodPhishing emails.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Black Friday 2019


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Black Friday 2019 Scams – Overview

The upcoming holiday shopping offers such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are expected by all Internet users. All popular e-commerce sites are preparing to offer great deals to their customers and in order to maximize their profits they will aim to advertise the sales as much as possible. Usually this is done by sending out newsletters, creating special landing pages and advertising through various banners, pop-ups and other content types.

The success of the individual Black Friday 2019 scams will depend on the amount of authenticity that the hackers can present to the intended victims. There are several common scenarios that are widely used to grab the attention of the victims:

  • Deals Reveal — The criminals will entice the recipients and visitors in order to reveal a “sensational deal”.
  • Special Promotions Gateway — This is a strategy which involves the setting up of special landing pages that require some kind of user interaction in order to reveal a special (usually personalized) discount code/coupon.
  • Newsletter Subscription — In order to show the prices in advance many of the e-commerce sites will make their customers subscribe to a newsletter.

Many other techniques can also be explored depending on the individual marketing plans of each company. Consequences of falling victim to Black Friday 2019 scams in most cases are financial abuse — the victims will be manipulated into giving up their payment card details for a given product or service. This may be done via a payment gateway or by filling a form found on a scam site or email.

Black Friday 2019 Scams – Fraud Social Media Links

One of the most popular techniques which have been found to be used by the criminals is to create fake accounts that appear as “deal outlets” or created specially for the occasion. They might include stolen or almost identical design element’s and account names. To make them appear as more legitimate looking they will include popular tags and also links to legitimate profiles (interlinking). A common trick is to present enticing offers like gift cards, coupon codes and free shipping.

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Black Friday 2019 Scams – Product Landing Pages

This is another common technique which revolves around the creation and promotion of a product landing page that appears to be hosted on a legitimate and safe e-commerce sites. The visitors will likely come across them though shortened URL redirects. The domain names will have names that will greatly resemble popular e-commerce sites or other pages which the users frequently visit. Many of these scams may contain stolen design and text contents, as well as design elements that are not expected to be displayed: pop-ups, banners, payment card prompts and etc.

Remove Black Friday 2019 Scams from Windows and Your Browser

If you want to remove the Black Friday 2019 Scams from your computer, we strongly suggest that you follow the removal instructions posted underneath this article. They have been created with the main idea In mind to help you delete this virus either manually or automatically. Be advised that according to experts the best way to try and remove the software that is causing the Black Friday 2019 Scamming pop-ups is to use an advanced anti-malware software. Such program is created with the idea in mind to fully scan your computer and try to eliminate any traces of unwanted programs while protecting your computer against future infections as well.


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