Pop-up Virus – How to Remove It from Mac
THREAT REMOVAL Pop-up Virus – How to Remove It from Mac

This article has been created to explain what is the pop-up and how to remove the virus, associated with it from your Mac.

A new problem with Mac computers has recently started to gain popularity The problem is a popup on Macs that “” wants access to control the mail application. This pop-up has been classified as spyware, using com fonts alert as something that grants access to a keylogger on your Mac. The consequences of this alert may be devastating since the hackers may obtain passwords and other crucial data from your Mac. To learn more about the “” pop-up and how you can remove it from your Mac, we recommend that you follow the removal instructions underneath this article.

Threat Summary Pop-up Virus
TypeKeylogger/Spyware for Mac OS
Short DescriptionAims to display a “” notification for permissions over apps, so that it tracks the keystrokes you type within them.
SymptomsThe “” pop-up begins appearing each time you open a new app.
Distribution MethodVia malicious e-mail attachments or malicious web links.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Pop-up Virus


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”” Pop-up Virus – How Did I Get It

The main method by which the “” pop-up is being spread on users Macs is likely done via spammed e-mail messages. These types of malspam attacks often target victims by using cunning messages that portray the e-mail attachment as something of great importance, like:

  • Invoice.
  • Receipt of a purchase.
  • Banking document.
  • Online confirmation letter.
  • Report of suspicious activity on your online account.

The e-mails may also be imitating big companies, from the likes of DHL, PayPal, FedEx and other big names. In most cases the e-mails sent by the crooks are very well-crafted so they can fool even experienced users, for example the recent DHL e-mail spam wave which we have shown below:

In addition to this, another method by which you could fall victim to the “” spyware are via malicious web links, to wich you may land on accidentally as a result of being redirected to without your consent. Such redirects often happen when you have adware or any other unwanted app residing on your Mac that is ad-related. Usually such apps tend to slither third-party web links and they often do it for profit with disregards to what malicious sites they advertise.

”” Pop-up – More Information

Once the “” spyware has been situated on your computer, it may begin to interfere with different components on your Mac. But since, Macs are generally secure, the virus needs separate permissions for each app to begin keylogging it. This is why each time you try to open an app, the following pop-up begins appearing:

Text from image:

“” wants access to control {Name of the App}. Allowing control will provide access to documents and date in {name of the App} and to perform actions within that app.”

This pop-up is the request from the malware to begin tracking input which you enter when you start using the app. It is not only dangerous, but if you allow it in your browser and you begin signing into your Apple, Gmail, Facebook and other accounts, you risk compromising them, since the crooks behind this malware may identify it by using the keystrokes you typed.

Furthermore, there are other risks that you should be well aware of when using these applications and that is:

  • The malware may be able to take screenshots.
  • It may track your browsing activity.
  • It may be able to obtain files from your Mac.

This is why if you found yourself infected by this spyware, it is very likely that your accounts have been compromised. This is why we recommend that you immediately change your passwords from a safe device and then remove the “” virus, after which log out and log in again.

Remove “” Virus and Stop Malicious Pop-ups

If you aim at removing the “” pop-ups from your Mac,we strongly suggest that you follow the removal manual underneath. If you fail to locate the malicious app, causing the “” pop-up manually, we recommend what most experts would advise you and that is to automatically remove this spyware, using an antivirus program for Mac. Such tool aims to scan your Mac with the idea to thoroughly remove the “” – related files and objects fully and then continue to protect your Mac in the future as well.


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