Conimx.exe Miner Malware - How to Detect and Remove It

Conimx.exe Miner Malware – How to Detect and Remove It

This article has been created in order to help explain what is the Conimx.exe virus process and how to detect and remove it from your computer system completely.

With the cryptocurrency miner viruses being on the rise, newer and newer viruses with more and more features are detected in the wild. One such virus is the Conimx.exe cryptocurrency miner. It aims to slither onto your computer while remaining undetected and run, pretending to be a legitimate type of process. In reality however, this virus may significantly slow down your computer by using your CPU and GPU to mine for more than one cryptocurrency. The bad news is that it is difficult to detect, so if you want to detect and remove the Conimx.exe malware, it is strongly recommended to read this article.

Threat Summary

NameConimx.exe Miner Malware
TypeCryptoCurrency Miner
Short DescriptionAims to infect your computer and use it’s CPU, GPU and other resources to turn it into a miner for cryptocurrencies.
SymptomsHightened CPU and GPU usage and overheating. The victim PC may break if this virus mines for longer periods of time.
Distribution MethodSpam Emails, Email Attachments, Executable files
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Conimx.exe Miner –
Infection Methods

The Conimx.exe miner is the type of malware that infects via an intermediary infection object, like a file or a web link posted online. Such objects may also be sent to you via chats or pretend to be legitimate type of programs, like the following:

  • Fake setups of games and other software.
  • Fake key generators.
  • Fraudulent portable versions of sought-after programs.
  • Fake license activation programs and other type of software.

In addition to this, the Conimx.exe miner is also the type of threat which may come on your computer as a result of having another unwanted software, especially from the adware kind, which causes browser redirects. Such PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) may cause a malicious redirect to a website that may download and open the infection file automatically on your computer.

In the event that you wish to stay protected against such malicious files, it is important that you focus on disabling important Windows services which may be exploited by the Conimx.exe miner:

  • Disable the WMI service.
  • Disable SMB and Download the latest security patches from Microsoft.

Conimx.exe Miner Virus – More Information

When your computer becomes compromised with the Conimx.exe miner virus, it immediately becomes evident, because the malware may begin to overheat your CPU and GPU components. This results in the fan of your computer to begin to generate noise, and it is the biggest symptom that you have this malware on your PC. The main activity of Conimx.exe after being dropped on your computer is to connect your PC to a mining pool. If your PC is connected to such a mining pool, this results in it becoming one of many computers that are linked to the same account, belonging to the cyber-criminal who is behind the Conimx.exe miner virus. When the hashing power (mining power) of all the infected computer is combined, the cyber-criminal may make a lot of digital money in a matter of days from infected computers, as long as they are many, but cannot generate as many tokens only from your system, even if it has a powerful GPU. This is why most cyber-crooks tend to target powerful computers more than average ones. The mining process may not be physically dangerous for your GPU and CPU, but if the malware remains for longer periods of time, like months, you risk damaging your components due to overheating them.

In addition to mining for cryptocurrencies, the Conimx.exe is malware and like any other Trojan it may perform other malicious activities on your computer, starting with escalating it’s privileges and modifying the following Windows Registry sub-keys in order to run automatically when Windows boots up:

→ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

After having done this, the virus may also begin to steal information from your computer and perform activities that help it stay undetected for longer periods of time:

  • Steal important files.
  • Infect your computer with other viruses.
  • Collect your login details for important websites, like PayPal, Facebook, e-mail account, etc./span>
  • Collect the keys typed by you on your keyboard to figure out your passwords.
  • Collect key data on your network that can help it spread the virus over other computers as well.
  • Perform self-updates and copy itself to other processes to remain undetected.

How to Detect and Remove Conimx.exe Miner Malware

In order to fully detect this malware and remove it from your computer, recommendations are to follow the removal instructions that are down below. They have been designed in order to help you to isolate and then delete the Conimx.exe threat from your PC. But if you feel uncertain that you have removed the Conimx.exe threat manually and the symptoms continue, we reccomend that you follow the removal manual that is automatic down below. Also, be advised that using an anti-malware tool that is also protection-oriented is the preferred choice according to security experts if you want to automatically get rid of Conimx.exe miner malware and stay protected against future infections as well.


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