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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 11.0.0 Review

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Lined up among the best data recovery tools, EaseUS is surely one of the pioneers in data recovery software that is advanced and user-oriented. The program started as a completely free software, but now has gone to licensed usage. It’s latest versio 11.0.0 promises a lot, but does it deliver? We have decided to create a software review for this program in order to find out.

App Profile

NameEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 11.0.0
TypeFile Recovery Software
DeveloperCHENGDU Yiwo Tech Development Co., Ltd
Direct DownloadEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
Operating System Windows OS/MacOS
License Price€80.03 for the professional version for Windows. €101.94 for the MAC version.

EaseUS Data Recovery In Depth

Being relatively small in size (47.0) MB, the program installed itself quite fast. And the activation wizard was easy to understand and use as well. After the installation, we are greeted by the usual user-friendly interface of EaseUS.

We did enjoy the simplicity of the program, but one detail was not quite clear regarding EaseUS Data Recovery – we did not find anywhere a button where you can at least choose between a Quick Scan or Deep Scan option. It would have been nice to have this option plus multiple other options which are added as settings or preferences. This would definitely attract the type of users who like to customize their scanning. The good news in this case is that the program immediately gets down to deep scanning your PC and it quickly completed the scan of our test partition which is 13.5 GB in capacity. With the current configuration we have, the scan completed in a little over 2 minutes.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Test Results

To best illustrate how EaseUS’s latest version is coping with files that have been deleted from a computer, we have conducted an independent test on a freshly isolated computer. This test included isolated partition on the device and the first scan was performed after the files on the partition were permanently deleted and the second scan was performed after the partition itself was reformatted. In addition to this we have used the following file types to best aid our calculation:

After this test has completed EaseUS Data Recovery’s results looked rather well. While more complex files, such as Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) documents were unable to be opened after reformatting the drive, however all other formats were satisfying. Here is how the results from the test look like:

What We Like

We enjoyed many features of the program:

  • The program is lightweight and does not take a lot of the system’s resources.
  • Free trial allows the recovery of multiple files for free.
  • Good data recovery ratio.

What Is Missing

There were several minuses you should be informed about.

  • A bit more technical preferences could be for customizing the scan, before it takes place.
  • Limited trial version to around 100 MB recovered.


As a bottom line, EaseUS did well on our tests and the program copes well with compiling data from the sectors of the hard drive. It could use a bit more preferences and advanced options for more technically oriented users, but the program does quite good with it’s user friendly design at the moment.


Ventsislav Krastev

Ventsislav has been covering the latest malware, software and newest tech developments at SensorsTechForum for 3 years now. He started out as a network administrator. Having graduated Marketing as well, Ventsislav also has passion for discovery of new shifts and innovations in cybersecurity that become game changers. After studying Value Chain Management and then Network Administration, he found his passion within cybersecrurity and is a strong believer in basic education of every user towards online safety.

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  1. AvatarTommie Williams

    I used the software and it recovered my files, however my audio (music) won’t play.

  2. AvatarAlier

    Excelente programa, he recuperado archivos que desde hace meses no podia recuperar. Mil Gracias !!!

    Solo me resta preguntar, una vez recuperados los archivos, como puedo eliminar la carpeta de donde fueron recuperados, ya que me siguen apareciendo cada que rastreo o inicio el programa y ya no quiero que me aparezcan de donde ya fueron recuperados.

    1. AvatarVentsislav Krastev (Post author)

      Hello, simply go into EaseUS settings and turn off automated recovery from there. The other solution is to not turn on the program and simply delete the folder and then create another one to put the recovered files in, having different name.


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