FastCash Trojan - How to Remove It

FastCash Trojan – How to Remove It

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This article aims to explain what is the FastCash Trojan and how to remove it from your PC plus how you can protect your machine against future infections by FastCash.


Trojan.FastCash infection is the type of malware that is very dangerous, since it is designed to be an infostealer and financial theft virus. In case you see a detection with this Trojan, we would recommend that you immediately change all your credentials after removing this threat, since it is very closely related to the WannaCry infection. To learn how to remove the FastCash Trojan from your PC, we would recommend that you read this article thoroughly.

Threat Summary

NameFastCash Trojan
Short DescriptionAims to steal financial as well as personal infromation from your computer.
SymptomsNo symptomps as the Trojan aims to run silently on your computer.
Distribution MethodMalicious e-mail attachments or malicious files uploaded as legitimate files online.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by FastCash Trojan


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FastCash – How Does It Infect

The primary method of infection, used by the FastCash virus is to spread the infection file by sending it directly to victims via e-mail. These e-mails are usually well structured and formulated to pretend to be legitimate messages sent to victims as if they were coming from big companies, for example:

Via the e-mail, the virus may pose as some sort of Invoice, a Receipt or any other seemingly legitimate and important document the users should download and run.

In addition to this, the FastCash virus may also perform an infection as a result of being uploaded online as some sort of software, like:

  • Cracks for games or programs.
  • Patches.
  • Key generators.
  • License activators.

FastCash Trojan – Activity

FastCash trojan is believed to be created by the Lazarus Group who are a well-known criminal collective. The criminal gang aims to attack high-prfile targets and is also known to extract money from ATMs.

The Lazarus Hackers have been detected to be the ones who are behind this malware as researchers have analyzed the code of FastCash and have found the SWIFT servers that process transactions and manipulate messages. The FastCash Trojan is the type of malware that allows hackers to Withdraw money from machines in 23 countries all over the world.

Once infected, the FastCash Trojan may be deployed to applciation servers and uses different scripts that exploit known weaknesses. Once this is done, the virus may begin to obtain and reply to requests coming from the ATM machines themselves. And when those requests are received, the malware goes as far as creating it’s own answers to them in the normal way, so that no eyebrows are raised, but the ATM will do what the hackers want It to. This basically tells us that the Lazarus group has advanced knowledge of the infection at hand. So far, the main infected machines seem to be machines, located in Africa and Asia, ut experts warn of an increasing infection rate, during the winter holidays.

The FastCash Trojan has other malicious capabilities as well:

  • The malware can obtain keystrokes from the computers it has infected.
  • The Trojan can steal files from infected machines.
  • FastCash is able to control the machine administratively.
  • The Trojan may be able to obtain network traffic.
  • FastCash could be able to steal saved passwords and other critical data used for logging into accounts.

But this is not the only risk related to FastCash Trojan, because it’s main purpose is to onitor incoming messages and obtian generated transaction requests in order to stop them to reach an application that processes these transactions. The Trojan also has logic mechanisms that generates automated responses. The main indicators of compromise, according to Symantec researchers are the following:

→ D465637518024262C063F4A82D799A4E40FF3381014972F24EA18BC23C3B27EE (Trojan.Fastcash Injector)
CA9AB48D293CC84092E8DB8F0CA99CB155B30C61D32A1DA7CD3687DE454FE86C (Trojan.Fastcash DLL)
10AC312C8DD02E417DD24D53C99525C29D74DCBC84730351AD7A4E0A4B1A0EBA (Trojan.Fastcash DLL)
3A5BA44F140821849DE2D82D5A137C3BB5A736130DDDB86B296D94E6B421594C (Trojan.Fastcash DLL)

In case you detect any signs of this Trojan, it is imperative to immediately remove it from your system and then perform a check on all the end devices and servers on your network.

Remove FastCash Trojan from Your Machine

FastCash Trojan is not an infection that is easy to remove. This is why we urge you to either contact an expert for the removal or use advanced anti-malware scanner that is capable of removing this Trojan. Such software aims to make sure that the FastCash Trojan is removed from your server or PC by scanning for all of it’s indicators of compromise and making sure they are stopped and deleted.


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