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Goliath Ransomware Being Sold Along Universal Locky Decrypter by Malware Writers

Goliath and The Hall Of Ransom

Malware researchers have identified a malware writing group, named Hall of Ransom in the deep web which was reported to sell Goliath and Locky ransomware to beginner users. This strategy is also known as RaaS(Ransomware as a service). This is a very sinister project, and researchers expect soon to see infections by Goliath ransomware to be on the rise.

Not only this, but the unlike Locky where the cyber-criminal purchasing it has to have relevant C++ or JavaScript knowledge, Goliath is customized for users with no experience, making Ransomware infection a child’s play.

The worse thing about the Goliath ransomware is that once it infects your computer, according to Hall of Ransom “staff”, the cyber-criminals behind it, has the following advantages:

  • Steal files from the compromised computer.
  • Lock and unlock a PC with a click of a button.
  • Make an infected file easily.
  • The ransomware is not yet famous. Hence it may be more effective.

However, Hall of Ransom also notify the user of the downside or cons of using Goliath:

  • Cyber-criminals must use a VPN connection.
  • The ransomware has only Windows version.
  • The cyber-crooks need to have a powerful computer.

The Goliath ransomware is being sold for the price of 2100$, and it may have started infecting users already.

Locky Decrypter

Not only this, but the malware writers at Hall Of Ransom also offer what appears to be a universal decrypter for the extremely devastating Locky Ransomware Infection. From what is said on the “sales page” of the decrypter, the only condition is for users to have not removed Locky from their computer:


Alos, the cyber-crooks have created a contact page where “customers” can write to them and discuss the payment:


Besides that, the BitCoin address of the crook(s) has been posted at the bottom of the Onion web page:


Conclusion, Protection, and Removal for Goliath and Locky Ransomware

The bottom line is that these clever individuals make a risk free profit selling the ransomware to other users who want to become cyber-criminals. Goliath’s price is 2100$, Locky itself costs 3000$ to use, and its decryptor is at the price of 1200$. Even though it seems tempting to make a quick buck out of ransomware, we strongly advise you not to mess with it, because this may lead to serious negative consequences including lengthy confinement by law.

To protect yourselves and avoid Goliath and Locky ransomware, we strongly advise you to follow the general tips on ransomware protection
and install an Anti-Ransomware tool.

To remove these viruses and try and restore your encrypted files using alternative free methods if you have already been infected, you are welcome to try our general instructions to remove Goliath and Locky. However, if you want to decrypt your files, unfortunately besides the decryptor sold by cyber-crooks, at this present moment there is currently no relevant solution, this is why you may want t try following the instructions from step “3.Restore Files Encrypted by Goliath and Locky”. They are not 100% effective and there is no guarantee of success, but there is also a chance you may recover even a small portion of the data.

In addition to all of those, we have also provided a Video Tutorial on Locky:


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