Marlin.exe Trojan SiaCoin Miner - How to Remove

Marlin.exe SiaCoin Miner Trojan – How to Remove

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The following article will help you remove the Marlin.exe cryptocurrency (coin) miner which uses users’ GPUs to mine for an altcoin – SiaCoin. Once the miner is installed on a victim’s system in the form of a Trojan, the victim will have their GPU’s processor abused for mining purposes. As a result of the Marlin.exe process running in the backgrounds of the infected system, the victim will have the entire GPU’s processing power of their machine used for cryptocurrency mining. This may lead to various other outcomes. Continue reading to learn what to do in case of an infection with the Marlin.exe coin miner and how remove it entirely.

Threat Summary

TypeMiner Trojan
Short DescriptionMining for SiaCoin cryptocurrency at the expense of the victim’s computer.
SymptomsExcessive GPU usage; marlins.exe will be running in the task manager.
Distribution MethodVia bundled installers, fake setups or via other PUP that has already been installed on your PC.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Marlin.exe


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Marlin.exe Trojan Miner – Distribution Techniques

Q: How Did Marlin.exe Enter My System?

A: If you have noticed high GPU usage coming from the Marlin.exe process, note that your system has been infected with a cryptocurrency Trojan miner. One of the most common distribution methods for cryptocurrency miners is via spam delivered to your email inbox. These spam messages usually contain malware-carrying email attachments that prompt you to enable macros. Hence, you should be extremely careful with emails that are luring you into downloading attachments. Watch out for the following extensions:

.docm, .vbs, .wsf, .js, .exe

Also keep in mind that the Marlin.exe cryptocurrency miner may have infiltrated your system via compromised web pages deployed for malvertising campaigns.

However, these are not the only ways that the Marlin.exe Trojan miner may have entered your system. Since this is a Trojan infection, the miner may have been bundled in torrent downloads. This means that you may have downloaded it alongside some other program unknowingly. Be careful with torrent websites as they often carry malware infections to unsuspecting users. One of the best ways to protect your operating system is by employing powerful anti-malware protection.

In a nutshell, this cryptocurrency miner may have entered your computer via:

  • Malicious web links posted as spam messages.
  • Web links that exist in various forms, e.g. buttons or banners on a website as a result of having a potentially unwanted program running on your computer.

  • Malicious e-mail attachments containing a tricky message pushing you to open it.
  • Malicious torrents, freeware bundles

Marlin.exe Trojan Miner – Malicious Activities

Q: What Symptoms Will My PC Have If Infected with Marlin.exe Miner?

A: Look for excessive GPU usage. This excessive usage of GPU processing power will have your graphics card run at very hot temperatures for lengthy periods of time. Besides that, there are other symptoms that will point to an infection with the Marlin.exe coin miner.

The symptoms are the following:

  • A process named marlins.exe will be running in the task manager of an infected system. As a result, the GPU will be affected.
  • Another process will also be present in the task manager – VMProtectks.exe – which will have a _Kill_ description.
  • Overall worsened performance of the graphics card and the computer itself.

Other Symptoms of the Marlin.exe Trojan Miner Infection

After infection, the Marlin.exe will drop its payload which may consist of multiple files residing in the following Windows directories:


In addition, the Marlin.exe miner malware may also add several different registry entries in the following Windows Registry sub-keys:


Once the alterations above are done, the Marlin.exe miner may connect your computer to a mining pool.

Marlin.exe Trojan Miner – Removal Guide

Q: What Should I Do to Remove All Traces of Marlin.Exe?

A: Before proceeding with the removal of this threat, keep in mind that the Marlin.exe coin miner is a persistent threat that may remain on your system for undefined periods of time, unless you pay close attention to the symptoms described in the article above. Considering the type of the threat carried by the Marlin.exe process, it is highly recommended to use an anti-malware tool to detect and remove the miner and all associated files completely, with no leftovers. In addition, such a program will continue to guard your system against the various malware threats lurking online.

Nonetheless, if you feel confident enough, you can also follow the manual removal steps also provided in the removal guide below.

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