"Mercury Text" Not Found Miner Virus - How to Remove It Fully

“Mercury Text” Not Found Miner Virus – How to Remove It Fully

This article explains more about what is “Mercury Text” cryptocurrency miner infection and how to remove it and stop it from mining Monero.

New cryptocurrency miner infection, disguising itself as the fake “Mercury Text” not found message has been reported to roam around the web infecting users without them even suspecting. The infection aims to use your computer’s essential resources in order to mine for the cryptocurrency Monero, which is completely anonymous. The virus may also perform other malicious activities on your computer system, such as obtain different information from it plus install other malware on it as well. If you suspect that your computer has been infected by the Mercury Text cryptocurrency miner, we recommend to read this article and learn how to remove it completely from your computer.

Threat Summary

NameMercury Text
TypeMonero Crypto Miner malware.
Short DescriptionRuns a malicious executable which takes over your CPU and GPU usage to mine for the cryptocurrency Monero.
SymptomsRuns a malicious process, named winhost.exe in Windows Task Manager which takes up a lot of the resources of the infected PC.
Distribution MethodVia a compromised web page.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Mercury Text


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Mercury Text.

“Mercury Text” Miner – How Does it Infect

For the infection process, “Mercury Text” miner malware takes advantage of a fake web page, which claims that the “Mercury Text” font is not found on your computer. The page looks differently when visited from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers:

When the user visits the page, according to the research at malware-traffic-analysis it automatically may prompt to download a JavaScript file, which poses as the questionable “Mercury Text” installation file.

However, in reality this JavaScript file connects to a remote host and downloads a malicious file going by the name of winhost.exe. It is the actual cryptocurrency miner file:

“Mercury Text” CryptoMiner Malware – Activity

When it has been activated on your computer, the winhost.exe file may run as a process on your Windows Task Manager. In addition to this, it may also create a scheduled task to run automatically, even if you try to stop it by ending it as a process.

The file’s primary purpose is to enlist your computer as a part of a mining pool and begin to use your Graphics Card resources as well as your CPU in order to mine and generate Monero crypto tokens for the wallets of the cyber-criminals who are actually behind this threat. This may result in multiple negative consequences for your computer, such as:

  • It may become extremely slow.
  • It may start to Freeze and even show BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors.
  • If the virus remains for longer periods of time, it may begin to damage your components and break them eventually due to overheating them.

In addition to this, since it is based on a Trojan Horse, the “Mercury Text” malware may also:

  • Steal your login details.
  • Log your keystrokes.
  • Steal financial information from your computer.

Remove “Mercury Text” CryptoCurrency Miner Completely from Your Computer

In order to remove this cryptocurrency miner malware, you can follow the removal instructions down below. They are specifically designed to help you delete all the malicious objects, created by this miner malware on your computer. In addition to this, experts recommend that users remove the “Mercury Text” malware automatically by scanning for it using an advanced anti-malware software which will make sure this malware is deleted from your computer completely and that you are protected against future infections as well.


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