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Ninite Software Review

ninite-logo-sensorstechforumImagine that you have just reinstalled Windows and you have to deal with tons of programs to setup on your PC. For this you have to visit each website individually and download a version compatible for your Windows PC. This is where Ninite comes in – the program is designed to allow you to install multiple free programs directly on your computer through its panel. And what is more, it is free of charge. We have decided to test the program to see if it is really this useful.

App Profile

Type Software Installer
Developer ©2016 Secure By Design Inc.
Official Website Ninite
Operating System Windows
License Price Free and a Paid Pro version which’s price varies depending on the period it is licensed for.
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Ninite – Technical Resume

The main features of the program are not so many, but they are all of the necessary ones. It Is very simply and cleverly designed because it uses software to generate program setups on the go via its website.The user simply can select between a variety of programs(88 to be precise) he or she wants and download one installer that has all of them bundled:


After its was ran the program immediately begun installing the selected apps. What was quite fascinating is that it installed everything selected below in approximately 30 seconds. Not only this, but it also detects whether or not you have previously installed a program and updates it automatically. This is particularly suitable when you want to do a massive update to all your apps:


The little executable is not resource demanding too. While installing, it managed to have almost no impact on the computer’s performance. It took around 23 megabits from the network speed but as a result it downloaded the apps swiftly:


Besides this, the program installed all of the necessary apps and placed icons on the user’s desktop with several clicks of the mouse. The programs worked without any glitches there were not advertisements, bundled applications or any crap-ware. What is more, before the app is downloaded it even lets the user add or remove any applications before the final download is initiated:


Not only this, but you can be sure that you are using a safe program because the developers have guaranteed in their security terms that they are using encrypted data transfer as well as the download mirrors of the official software developers:


What We Like

There are several aspects of this application that we enjoyed very much:

  • Simplicity to download, choose application and install.
  • The sheer speed of the download and installation.
  • The lightness of the software.
  • The ability to customize the installer right before its downloaded, in case you forgot something.

What Is Missing

The simplicity of the program makes it very difficult to discover room for improvement. But this does not mean that there isn’t any:

  • Report a problem if it occurs.
  • Offer to choose between updating or completely reinstalling an application that already exists.


The bottom line is that Ninite is the perfect software for two types of situations:

  • In case you are reinstalling windows and do not have the programs you need at your disposal and wish to install them very fast.
  • In case you want to update your currently installed programs.

This program saves you from many third-party websites that promote bundled adware or browser hijackers that may be harmful to your computer, and this is why we highly recommend installing your apps via it. A big plus is the time it will save you by eliminating the need for a manual search for the downloading of the app via the web.

Note: This test was performed on a Lenovo B50-70 with 64-bit Windows 10


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