PUA.JScoinminer Malware – How to Remove It Completely from Your PC

PUA.JScoinminer Malware – How to Remove It Completely from Your PC

PUA.JScoinminer malware how to remove it completely

This article aims to show you how to remove the PUA.JScoinminer malware entirely from your PC and how to protect your system against future infections.

PUA.JScoinminer malware is a JavaScript cryptocurrency miner that utilizes the power of some essential PC components to generate revenue for its creators. It can sneak into the system after a visit to a corrupted website that has embedded a malicious JavaScript code on it. PUA.JScoinminer can overload your CPU or GPU after infection. In case that you have noticed the threat on your PC, you are better to consider its complete removal before it causes irreversible damages.

Threat Summary

TypeCryptocurrency miner malware.
Short DescriptionAfter infection, the malware begin to use your processor and video card’s resources in order to mine for the cryptocurrencies BitCoin or Monero.
SymptomsOverloaded CPU and GPU. The malware tries to stay unnoticed as long as possible.
Distribution MethodVia compromised websites or sites that embedded it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by PUA.JScoinminer


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Delivery of PUA.JScoinminer Malware

The malicious PUA.JScoinminer is known to be spread via several methods. The infection is triggered by malicious JavaScript code designed to download the malware on your computer. Such JavaScript code can be injected into various websites. When you visit a web page that hosts the malicious JavaScript code your PC gets infected with the PUA.JScoinminer malware.

You may also receive the malicious mining script in a compromised e-mail attachment. Usually, the senders of such e-mails pose as representatives of a legitimate organization, so you are more prone to download the attachment and infect your system with the miner. The attached files may be defined as invoices, banking statements, purchase receipts, order confirmation files and other.

PUA.JScoinminer Malware Impact

After infection the PUA.JScoinminer malware will start to use a considerable amount of your CPU/GPU power to mine digital currencies like Monero, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other without your permission. As a result, your CPU will be overloaded for extended periods of time which can lead to significant decrease of its life or even permanent damage.

As the infection can only run in your web browsers, it may not drop any files on the computer. So how you can detect PUA.JScoinminer presence is by an elevated CPU or GPU usage and elevated temperatures.

Another trait that may help you to detect the mining malware process is your system cooling ventilator’s behavior. If it becomes more active than usual and a bit noisy you should immediately run a scan with an advanced anti-malware tool and check for any suspicious activities.

Even though the PUA.JScoinminer script is primarily designed for cryptocurrency mining it can also be set to collect different types of data from the infected machine. Thus the malware may obtain the logins of your online accounts, system information and network data that may be used to infect all devices connected to the same network.

Remove PUA.JScoinminer Malware from Your Computer

PUA.JScoinminer removal process may be a harder task than you expect. It is an extremely persistent threat designed to remain unnoticed on the system as long as it can. In case that you are not a computer expert, you can use the automatic removal steps and get rid of the nasty PUA.JScoinminer malware with a few mouse clicks. A scan with an advanced anti-malware tool will discover PUA.JScoinminer as well as all malicious files and objects associated with the virus. Furthermore, it will keep your system protected from future malware attacks.

Gergana Ivanova

Gergana Ivanova

Gergana has completed a bachelor degree in Marketing from the University of National and World Economy. She has been with the STF team for three years, researching malware and reporting on the latest infections.

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