Remove Audioddx.exe Coin Miner Virus

Remove Audioddx.exe Coin Miner Virus

This article has been made in order to help you in detecting and removing the Audioddx.exe Coin Miner virus from your computer and protect it against future infections as well.

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Audioddx.exe Coin Miner Virus

When the process Audioddx.exe is taking almost all of your CPU resources and you are experiencing serious performance issues then your system is infected with a coin miner virus. The recent stable level of cryptocurrency prices stimulates many cybercriminals to release malicious coin miners in the wild. These threats are designed to hook the systems of random online users with the goal to mine for cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, Monero as well as other altcoins. Since Audioddx.exe miner is connected to cybercriminals’ wallet it will generate the outcome there.

The bad news is that your PC becomes slower, freezes and may even crash at some point. This is why, if you believe that your computer has been infected by a Audioddx.exe Coin Miner virus, we recommend you to learn more about this virus and how to detect and remove it from your infected system.

Threat Summary

NameAudioddx.exe coin miner
TypeCryptocurrency Token Miner / Trojan
Short DescriptionAims to affect your computer system and use it’s CPU and GPU resources in order to mine for the cryptocurrency tokens.
SymptomsHigh CPU and GPU utilization plus your PC may overheat, slow down and even break down.
Distribution MethodVia fake installers, fraudulent processes as well as malicious sites and e-mail attachments.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Audioddx.exe coin miner


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Audioddx.exe Coin Miner – More Details

Audioddx.exe is a process created by a coin miner virus. This threat may infect your computer system via a variety of ways. The main techniques are believed to be:

  • E-mails that may carry malicious e-mail attachments embedded within them.
  • E-mails carrying malicious web links.
  • Malicious files, pretending to be installers of drivers, patches, cracks and other programs.
  • Malicious web links that may be sent to the victim via the social media, chats or other forms of online communication.

As soon as the coin miner malware manages to infect a target system, it triggers a long and complex sequence of malicious operations that enable it to misuse system resources for mining cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Monero, and other altcoins. So when the malware is executed it begins to drain from the CPU and likely the GPU’s power.

The problem is that the extensive and intense exploitation of system resources may completely damage the components of your computer. At first, you may notice that the infected system is performing slower. After a while, it may become completely unresponsive. This will definitely prevent you from using your infected PC in a regular way.

The bad news is that the Audioddx.exe coin miner may be related to the presence of a Trojan horse on the system. As long as such type of threat has access to the system, it may unnoticeably perform other dangerous activities such as:

  • Run malicious processes with on the background and on every system boot.
  • Take screenshots on your PC.
  • Log your keystrokes.
  • Obtain different information from your computer.
  • Steal passwords and files.

Eventually, you have more than enough reasons to focus on removing the Audioddx.exe cryptocurrency miner from the infected system and making sure the last is secured against such kind of malware infections.

Remove Audioddx.exe Coin Miner Virus

In order to remove Audioddx.exe cryptocurrency miner infection from your infected system, we would advise following the removal instructions down below. They are specifically created in order to help you by explaining how to delete this malware either manually or automatically. If you lack the experience in manually eliminating all traces of Audioddx.exe miner from your computer, we would advise you to do so automatically. Experts always outline to download and install an advanced anti-malware software to scan your infected device and remove all malware from it. By having an active anti-malware software on your system you will keep it secure against future malware infections.

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Gergana Ivanova

Gergana has completed a bachelor degree in Marketing from the University of National and World Economy. She has been with the STF team for four years, researching malware and reporting on the latest infections.

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