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Remove Comrade Circle Ransomware and Restore .comrade Files

comrade-circle-ransomware-fake-icon-stalin-sensorstechforum-source-newslanc-comRESTORE-FILES!_{ID}_.txt – this is what users who have been affected by Comrade Circle ransomware see after their files have been encrypted with an added .comrade file extension to them. The Comrade Circle virus does not waste any time In explaining what type of encryption it uses and what is encryption but gets down straight to the point. It also generates a unique amount of payment the affected user must pay which is somewhere around 2 BTC (BitCoins) to restore access to the encrypted files by this nasty cyber-threat. What is more, cyber-criminals interestingly enough claim half the profits will go to noble causes. Anyone who has been infected with this nasty malware, should not pay any ransom payment to cyber-criminals and instead, wait for a free decryptor to be released in the future. In the meantime, we advise you to follow the instructions after this article to remove Comrade Circle from your device and try alternative methods to restore your files.

Threat Summary

NameComrade Circle
Short DescriptionThe ransomware encrypts files with a strong cipher and asks a ransom payoff of approximately 2 BTC for decryption.
SymptomsFiles are encrypted and become inaccessible with an added .comrade file extension to them. A ransom note with instructions for paying the ransom shows as a RESTORE-FILES!{custom ID}.txt file.
Distribution MethodSpam Emails, Email Attachments, File Sharing Networks.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Comrade Circle


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin our forum to Discuss Comrade Cirle Ransomware.
Data Recovery ToolWindows Data Recovery by Stellar Phoenix Notice! This product scans your drive sectors to recover lost files and it may not recover 100% of the encrypted files, but only few of them, depending on the situation and whether or not you have reformatted your drive.

Comrade Circle Ransomware – Spreading Technique

For it to be successful whist infecting user PCs’ Comrade Circle may use the conventional tested spreading methods most ransomware viruses tend to use – massive spam of phishing e-mails. For those uninformed, phishing e-mails tend to resemble legitimate e-mail addresses to get users to click on them. Example is the below-mentioned fake LinkedIn invitation containing a malicious web link.


Once the malicious web link or in some cases e-mail attachment, is opened it may cause the infection via an exploit kit, such as the Rig EK, for example. Such kits are very expensive because they locate weaknesses and bugs in Windows only to exploit them and infect the victim’s computer.

However, this may not be the only method of distribution Comrade Circle may use – the virus may also replicate via online file sharing services and software, like dropbox and social media as well. It may also be disguised as fake Adobe Flash Player update or a fake setup of a program that may be uploaded on a shady websites which displays results based on what you “googled” for (download free torrent of someting, etc.).

Comrade Circle Ransomware – More Information About It

As soon as Comrade Circle has been installed on your computer, the malware may immediately begin to modify it. For starters, one or more files may be dropped under different names in the following Windows folders;

  • %Common%
  • %Roaming%
  • %Temp%
  • %AppData%
  • %System32%
  • %UserProfile%

As soon as this is completed the Comrade Circle ransomware has to set up it’s auto launch. This can happen in two ways. One is do drop the file-encryption module directly on the %Startup% folder of Windows which is usually located in:

%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

The other technique which may be used by Comrade Circle ransomware may be to add custom registry entries for the malicious executable that encrypts files. The usual targeted registry entries are the following:


After this has been performed and the encrypter of Comrade Circle ransomware runs, the following files may be encrypted and no longer openable, unless a decryption key is used to unlock them:


After the files are encrypted the Comrade Circle ransomware virus drops a ransom note that is named “RESTORE-FILES!{ID}.txt” where ID is the unique identification number of the infected computer. Malware researcher Demonslay335 has identified the ransom note to have the following content:

YOU FILES ARE ENCRYPTED by Comrade Circle! - ransom note

→ ——————————-YOU FILES ARE ENCRYPTED by Comrade Circle!—————————————————
—————————————-You personal ID———————————————————————
———————— Option 1 = purchase decrytpion software. (if you need files your files back and have money)————————————-
1. Send donation of 2.04970001 btc to wallet 1HssDyDTZj1hVdwhdpF49wLKLPQoCRJB9T
2. Send an email to with you personal id, and you will recieve the decryption software
3. Decrypt you files.
If you dont get answer in 4 hours, or email is blocked by evil anti virus companies:
Register here:, Once you have done that, Write to adress BM-2cTivRoWe5eXdZAt8PqxTJ6tqaQwoaNt6tcontact with you email and personal ID
If you so evil and dont trust us, you may first give us 1 small file and we will decyrpt it for free as proof that we can decrypt the rest
Donation volume is unique generated for you (2.04970001) donate exacly same size (not more or less) for fast identification of your donation.
we are good people that help other people with getting a job and making the world better, 50% of recived payments will go to help poor people, sick chilren, animals and other good things. We only take payment from rich people because poor will join us and become rich.
After decryption we will give you icon of Stalin that will protect you in future from others proud members of Comrade Circle.
—–Option 2—-(if dont need files and have money)———————————————————————–
If you dont need your files or already restore them, please send us much money as you can
Comrade Circle good people that help poor people getting jobs and do great things, Thanks.
—————– Option 3 join Comrade Circle—(if you dont have money and want help people) ————————-
If you dont have money this is going to be the best day of yourlife.
We here to give you easy job for 5000$-5000000$ (5 million dollars) in mo.We are here to give you a high paying job with unlimited earning potential All you need to do is to join COmrade Circle and help us spread our software.
We will give you 50% of all profits that come from you clients, If you work hard we can rise you % up to 90%.
you invitation code is [redacted], generated special for you.
Our cutting edge software is unique and effective:
simple setup and use.
undetectable by evil av companies.
encrypt big files (more that 2gb)
encrypt all network shares not connected to machine.
work and encrypt fast.
imposible to decrypt without payment.
mimics software update for better protection of data.
no need for administrative rights or UAC.
no need for c&c serevers or online connection.
will always work, because there no c&c servers and there always good people continue support.
Easy to use, created special for people with iq < 70. can be customized on the fly editing only file name. software from good people to good people we not scammers or criminals like others. dont encrypt files in very poor contries(only helping them getting jobs) using it you know that you help people get jobs and help sick chilren and animals,you are making the world a better place. Always developing more great features. To join or club send to bitmessage adress BM-NBt4g1wA13H9sbyHMxcRvBWkd78d8gre your invitation code, BTC wallet for recive payments, and email. and other contact info like jabber if you want. use this template for example: Invitation colde: xxxxxx Bitcoinwallet: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Bitmessage: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Email: xxxx@xx.xx Othercontact: jabber xxxxxx@xxxx.xx notes: something about you if you want. You will get link for our software, and instruction how to use, basic tutorial how to spread and get $100,000 worth of profits. After you recive first payment we give you jabber for 24/7 support and advanced tutorials how to spread software. Join Comrade Circle and help get world better, get rich and become part of team.

The strategy of the cyber-criminals is very clear when it comes to motivating users that have been affected by it. They not only claim that they will give profits to the poor but they also directly advertise their RaaS (ransomware as a service) scheme openly to the ransomware’s victims. This is a very unique strategy and it may actually be successful for them in the future. This is due to the fact that most victims may become cyber-criminals themselves out of desperation and begin to cause infections in multiple different distribution methods, even targeted attack. However, malware researchers strongly advise against following the demands in the ransom note, primarily because any cooperation with cyber-criminals is considered to be illegal and punishable by law. Also, it is no guarantee you will profit and that you will make any money by spreading the malware further and the cyber-criminals may not keep their word at all.

Not only this, but once a ransom is paid, the crooks have even developed a mechanism to keep the infected computer safe from further infections by giving the victim an icon of Stalin that will prevent re-infection by the Comrade Circle cyber-threat(at least according to the ransom note).

Comrade Circle Ransomware – Conclusion, Removal and File Restoration

The bottom line is that Comrade Circle is a very unique threat that aims to spread very quickly and it is not to be underestimated at all. Even though the promises in it’s ransom note may turn tempting, we strongly suggest against any type of cooperation with the cyber-criminals or paying the ransom money. Instead, advices are to immediately remove this ransomware virus and restore your files after they have been encrypted by it.

To remove Comrade Circle crypto-virus, we strongly advise you to follow our removal instructions that are illustrated below. They are methodologically arranged to help locate the files of Comrade Circle as and delete them. If you are having difficulties locating the malware-related objects manually, malware researchers always recommend scanning the computer automatically for Comrade Circle ransomware and removing every related object with advanced anti-malware software.

To attempt and decipher your files in case they have been affected by Comrade Circle, it is strongly suggested to avoid direct decryption with other tools, because similar to other devastating ransomware the virus might break the files permanently if it has CBC mode enabled during encryption. Having explained that, you may attempt the alternative file restoration methods in step “2. Restore files encrypted by Comrade Circle” below at your own risk and with no guarantee.


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