Lsmma.exe Miner Virus - Removal

Lsmma.exe Miner Virus – Removal

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What is Lsmma.exe and is it a virus? Let’s find out in this article.

Lsmma.exe is classified as a miner virus, or a malicious cryptocurrency miner. This process appears to belong to a Trojan or malware infection that may have compromised your system to drain its resources for mining operations.

Miners such as Lsmma.exe slow down your computer and overheat its components, because of the mining processes that are happening in the background. To restore your system’s behavior to normal, you should remove all traces of the Lsmma.exe miner.

Threat Summary

TypeCryptocurrency Miner Virus
Short Description A cryptocurrency miner using the resources of your computer for its mining operations.
SymptomsYour computer can become extremely slow, and can even freeze at times.
Distribution Method Torrent Websites, Freeware Websites, Unsafe Browsing
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Lsmma.exe


Malware Removal Tool

Lsmma.exe Miner Virus – More Information

How did the Lsmma.exe miner sneak into your system? In most cases, miners use malicious files that can be downloaded from infected email attachments, torrent websites, and freeware download websites. These types of malicious files can use exploits in Windows to infect your system. That is why it is extremely important to apply security patches and keep your system and programs up-to-date.

Files such as Lsmma.exe may be sent to you via e-mail in the form of fake documents, invoices, receipts. These files could also be uploaded on sites for free download, such as fake cracks, patches, portable programs, etc. Note that these methods are widely deployed for the quiet distribution of Trojan horses across computers.

Once the Lsmma.exe file has been installed on your system, the Trojan that is causing the miner process could drop files in the following Windows system directories:

  • %AppData%
  • %Local%
  • %LocalLow%
  • %Roaming%
  • %Temp%

The Lsmma.exe process may then ran as administrator, as the virus behind it could take over the admin rights of your computer. Then, the malicious process could execute the cryptocurrency miner, which will exploit your CPU and GPU (Central Processor and Video Card) in order to mine for cryptocurrencies, which leads to the overheating of your computer and its worsened performance.

In most cases, cybercriminals who are running mining operations such as the Lsmma.exe virus miner are aiming at Monero and Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies (shortly known as altcoins) may be targeted as well. The mining process includes connecting your computer to a so-called cryptominer (cryptocurrency mining) pool. These pools are a virtual network of computers that all combine their mining power to obtain cryptocurrencies for their operators. Their sole purpose is to infect as many computers as possible for larger profits.

This is how a miner pool can be pictured:

Be warned that miners such as Lsmma.exe could have built-in Trojan components with spyware characteristics, such as:

  • Stealing files.
  • Taking screenshots.
  • Downloading copies of itself.
  • Copying your files.
  • Downloading other viruses.
  • Obtaining saved passwords.
  • Controlling your mouse.
  • Controlling your microphone or web camera.

Remove Lsmma.exe Virus Miner from Your System

In order to get rid of Lsmma.exe, we recommend that you follow the removal guide below. It has been made to help you delete the malicious process step by step. If you want a fast and effective solution, however, you can run a scan of your computer, using a specific anti-malware program. Anti-malware programs are designed to detect and remove all components of malicious software.


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