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Remove Zyklon Locker and Restore .Zyklon Encrypted Files

locked-encrypted-sensorstechforumRansomware, known by the name of Zyklon has been discovered recently by researchers. Typical to other crypto-malware infections, Zyklon is reported to create malicious files in key Windows folders and use them to encrypt the files of the user, asking a ransom money of approximately 250 euros to revert the files. In addition to that, Zyklon Locker adds a ransom note to notify the victim and scare him/her into paying the ransom amount.

Threat Summary

NameZyklon Locker
Short DescriptionThe ransomware encrypts files with the AES-512 cipher and asks a ransom for decryption.
SymptomsFiles are encrypted and become inaccessible. A ransom note with instructions for paying the ransom shows as a .txt file.
Distribution MethodSpam Emails, Email Attachments, File Sharing Networks.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Zyklon Locker


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin our forum to Discuss Zyklon Ransomware.
Data Recovery ToolWindows Data Recovery by Stellar Phoenix Notice! This product scans your drive sectors to recover lost files and it may not recover 100% of the encrypted files, but only few of them, depending on the situation and whether or not you have reformatted your drive.

Zyklon Locker – Methods of Distribution

TrendMicro researchers believe that a file infector virus, called “ZYKLON.323” may be used to infect computers with the ransomware. From what it appears, a malicious .asp file may have been utilized. This .asp file is a VBScript, C#, or JavaScript script that may download Zyklon onto the victim PC. To spread it into the open, the cyber-criminals behind Zyklon are believed to use more than one strategies:

  • Via spam bots.
  • Via spam e-mail messages with malicious web links that may redirect to drive-by downloads.
  • Via social media spam.
  • Via fake executables such as game cracks and other software.
  • Via fake Java or Flash Updates.

Users are advised to always check the web links they open from e-mails they receive. One way to do this is by installing a VirusTotal browser add-on.

Zyklon Locker – How Does It Work

Once Zyklon has infected your computer, the ransomware may situate files of the following file types:

→ .dll, .exe, .js, .cmd, .bat, .vbs

The files may usually be located in the key Windows folders where they can operate in a concealed manner. The files that have been detected to be associated with Zyklon so far are:

  • Zyklon.exe

The Zyklon.exe file may execute the following command to delete the shadow volume copies of your computer:


Besides that, it may set itself to run every time you start windows by modifying one of the following registry entries:

→ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

After it runs a call command to its encryption module, Zyklon begins to encrypt a wide variety of commonly used files, adding the .zyklon file extension to them. The files it may encrypt may have the following extensions:


The encrypted files may appear as the following example:

→ New Text Document.txt.zyklon

After it encrypts the files, Zyklon may add the UNLOCK_FILES_README .html and .txt files to one of the following locations:

  • %Desktop%
  • Every folder in which there are encrypted files.

The ransom note by Zyklon states a ransom message prompting the user to pay 250 Euros to get the files back. The ransom note may also include payment instructions.

Zyklon Ransomware – Conclusion, Fix, and Restoration

The bottom line is that this crypto virus is no joke and the cyber-criminals behind it mean it, naming it after a chemical weapon used in the WWII. Not only this, but experts also believe, that Zyklon is a modified version of GNL Locker – the first ransomware using AES-512 encryption algorithm, for which there is no current decryptor available, besides the one that may be offered by cyber criminals. However, we strongly advise against paying the ransom money and using alternative solutions such as the ones in step “3. Restore Files encrypted by Zyklon” below.

To remove the threat, you may also want to follow the instructions below since they are methodologically arranged for maximum effectiveness. The best solution according to experts is automatic removal. This is because it can not only detect all files and objects associated with Zyklon but also protect you from cyber-attacks in the future.

Manually delete Zyklon Locker from your computer

Note! Substantial notification about the Zyklon Locker threat: Manual removal of Zyklon Locker requires interference with system files and registries. Thus, it can cause damage to your PC. Even if your computer skills are not at a professional level, don’t worry. You can do the removal yourself just in 5 minutes, using a malware removal tool.

1. Boot Your PC In Safe Mode to isolate and remove Zyklon Locker files and objects
2.Find malicious files created by Zyklon Locker on your PC
3.Fix registry entries created by Zyklon Locker on your PC

Automatically remove Zyklon Locker by downloading an advanced anti-malware program

1. Remove Zyklon Locker with SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool
2. Back up your data to secure it against infections and file encryption by Zyklon Locker in the future
3. Restore files encrypted by Zyklon Locker
Optional: Using Alternative Anti-Malware Tools

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