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TechNet Search Virus Mac – Remove It

TechNet Search or TechNetSearch is a suspicious, unwanted program that is targeting Mac users. TechNet Search is designed to first open a dubious website and only then it will display search results to its users. This makes it a browser hijacker and a redirect “virus”. Users often tend to call such programs viruses or redirect viruses. Even though TechNet Search is not in fact a virus in its true meaning, it still poses potential risks to Mac users who interact with it.

Unwanted programs such as TechNet Search often have capabilities of modifying main browser settings without the user’s knowledge or consent. Keep in mind that once loaded on your Mac, the hijacking program can affect the start page, new tab page and default search engine in your preferred web browser by setting its domain address on their place. By doing so, the hijacker becomes able to activate tracking technologies and monitor your online activities.

Threat Summary

Name TechNetSearch
Type Browser Hijacker, PUP, Redirect
Short Description A questionable search engine that takes over main browser settings in order to display ads and spy on search queries.
Symptoms Your browser settings are altered without your permission. Generates lots of annoying ads during browsing sessions.
Distribution Method Software Bundles, Corrupted Installers
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by malware

Combo Cleaner

Malware Removal Tool

User Experience Join Our Forum to Discuss TechNetSearch.

TechNetSearch – Distribution and Impact

One of the methods unwanted programs such as TechNet Search employ for distribution is through an official page where a download button is featured. This means that you may have downloaded the program yourself believing it was useful. Another method is called bundling and it involved the inclusion of TechNet Search in the installer of another freeware application, as an extra download.

Did you know? Unfortunately, you could easily miss the presence of a PUP because the installers are usually designed to conceal the presence of added extras. The good news is that you can prevent unwanted programs from accessing your device by reviewing the Advanced/Custom configuration setup step. The information you will find there may help you to catch the PUP on time and opt out its installation.

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As soon as all configuration files associated with TechNet Search are loaded on your macOS, you may start noticing changes that affect your preferred web browser’s start page, new tab page and default search engine. As a result, the main page of TechNet Search or another associated website is the first to load when you open the affected browser.

Note. Unwanted programs are also known to collect data from the user related to browsing and much more. In order to stop unsolicited data collection, avoid the loading of all annoying ads and minimize the risk of severe malware infections, it is recommendable to remove TechNetSearch from your affected browser and clean all associated files from your system.

Remove TechNetSearch (TechNet Search) Virus from Mac

In order to remove TechNet Search along with all associated files, you should complete several removal steps. In the guide below you will find all needed removal steps in their precise order. You can choose between manual and automatic removal approaches. In order to fully get rid of this particular undesired program and strengthen the security of your device, we recommend you to combine the steps. Keep in mind that installed files associated with this program may be detected with names different than TechNet Search.

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