"The system is badly damaged" - Remove Tech Support Scam

“The system is badly damaged” – Remove Tech Support Scam

The”The system is badly damaged” and “virus found (4)!” are fake alert messages, most certainly triggered by a tech-support sam. Such fake virus alerts may also indicate that a PUP (potentially unwanted program) or rogue software has sneaked into your system, perhaps in a bundled freeware download.

If you’re dealing with a tech-support scam, you may also see a presumably toll-free phone number displayed in the message. Scammers are using fake virus detections and warning such as “The system is badly damaged” to create the sense of urgency and to make you dial the specific phone number. There’s no telling what could happen next, especially if you permit remote assistance.

Continue reading to learn more about the “The system is badly damaged” warning, and what to do to clear your system from it.

Threat Summary

NameThe system is badly damaged
TypeTech Support Scam, Adware, PUP
Short DescriptionEach browser you have could get affected. You will witness intrusive fake warnings about viruses detected on your system.
SymptomsFake warnings about viruses in the form of pop-ups, browser lock screens are also possible.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages, Suspicious Pages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by The system is badly damaged


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss The system is badly damaged.

How Is “The system is badly damaged” Scam Being Distributed?

Browsing the web hides its potential risks, especially if you’re visiting suspicious websites and your computer lacks specific protection. Websites can be hijacked with advertisements and redirect links, and you can be redirected to a page which has the “The system is badly damaged” fake warning.

Freeware applications, regarded as PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) could also distribute tech-support scams, and could cause the scareware message to appear in your browsers. Free download websites usually feature tons of third-party installations and bundled installers – a practice which is done with monetizaton in mind.

“The system is badly damaged” Scam – More Details

“The system is badly damaged” is just one example of tons of fake pop-ups triggered by tech support scams. Note that different phone numbers may be promoted, and the message itself may be different. Of course, the purpose of every such message remains the same – to trick you into performing an action which directly puts your computer at risk. Both Windows and macOS users are affected by similar tech support scams, as well as iPhone and Android users.

An instance of such a scam targeted against Windows users is the following Microsoft Windows Scam – “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) Four virus!” and Your Windows OS is damaged. macOS users are also not spared, as there have been multiple reports for the “AppleCare: Your system is infected with 3 viruses!” Scam.

Why are scammers spreading such intrusive scareware messages? Scammers are using fake virus detections and warning such as “The system is badly damaged” to create the sense of urgency and to make you dial the specific phone number or perform another action that jeopardizes your security. There’s no telling what could happen next, especially if you permit remote assistance or reveal sensitive information, i.e. payment data.

To make their scams more believable, scammers tend to feature the logos of trustworthy companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple. However, seeing the logo of a popular company shouldn’t trick you in any way, since these companies do not deploy such methods to alert their users of issues. This is what tech support scammers do in their desperate attempts to fool users.

There could be plenty more phone numbers associated with the “The system is badly damaged” scam, depending on the URL addresses and landing pages involved. The criminals that are on the other end of fake tech support telephone lines will try to trick you into believing that they are part of some sort of an official tech support team of Microsoft or Apple. Of course, that’s a lie. The only truth here is that scammers are professional in what they do. There are whole call centers that recruit people for the role of a bogus tech support representative. It is a lucrative business, and users should be smart enough not to fall into the trap.

If you witness any of the warning messages described above, you should proceed towards finding the cause of the issue and remediate it as soon as possible.

Remove “The system is badly damaged” Scam

In order to remove the “The system is badly damaged” scam along with all associated files that enable its appearance in the browser, you should complete several removal steps. The removal guide below you will show you all necessary steps in their precise order. You can choose between manual and automatic removal approaches. In order to get rid of any PUPs and rogue programs causing the “The system is badly damaged” pop-ups, you can combine the steps.

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