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Top 5 System Optimizer Utilities of 2016

The segment for system optimizers and utilities has become quite dense with programs that can do optimize your system and hence make it run faster. With that, several powerful companies have come up with products that are created with the same purpose but are very different one from the other when it comes to core competences. These programs became the best in this segment, and we at SensorsTechForum believe that they are the programs you need to know about if you are going to be downloading a system optimizer.

How We Designed the List

When it came down to very good system optimizing programs out there, do not be mistaken, there are a lot of good pieces of software out there. But then again there are these programs that have diversified and focused on different and new improvements and areas to “stand out from the crowd”. But this was not the only factor taken into consideration. We have also researched the optimization capabilities and how much the programs have made improvement in performance to cut down the list to the top 5 programs out there if you are going to be using such type of software. Let’s begin!


ccleaner-sensorstechforum-top5This is probably the most widely used PC optimizing program out there, primarily because it offers most of its features for free. Behind it’s simplistic design, the full version of this program can do a lot more than just optimize your computer. CCleaner can change programs which run on your startup, manage your web browser plugins, analyze the health of your HDD or SSD as well as check its space. In addition to this, it can also perform system restore for you, find and delete duplicate files and also acts as a professional drive wiping software as well. Here are the pros and cons that caught our eye during the analysis of CCleaner:

What We Like

  • Its scope of files and other objects to clean is very wide.
  • Feature for active monitoring.
  • Properly made scheduling and automatisation section.
  • A feature that allows silent updates.
  • Swift information processing.
  • Free version available.

What Is Missing

  • Does not warn when it deletes saved passwords or other important credentials so that users can save them somewhere if they forgot.

See the full software review of CClenaer by clicking on the button below:

System Mechanic

system-mechanic-sensorstechforum-top5This system optimizer created by Iolo Inc., a company with a lot of experience in this segment, does not disappoint. It has been considered by many experts to be the best program for system optimization. One of the reasons is that out of all programs at the moment, System Mechanic was reported by to optimize the Windows boot-up time the most. In addition to this, the program also has a wide variety of features. Its primary competence is that the mechanisms and technology of the features which are its trademark, made and tested by them:

  • AcceleWrite™
  • OptiCore™
  • RAMJet™
  • Core Data Recalibrator™
  • Stability Guard™
  • Program Accelerator™

This points out to how much experience iolo has in system optimizing for Windows. Here are its main pros and its negative details we noticed:

What We Like

  • Very simple design.
  • Its trademarked technologies that optimize your PC.
  • A single license gives the ability for the program to be installed on several devices.
  • Detects PUPs(Potentially Unwanted Programs) as well.
  • Better optimization than the competition.

What Is Missing

  • Further optimization can be done to make the program lighter while working (scanning + optimizing).

See the full software review of System Mechanic below:

Glary Utilities Pro 5

glary-utilities-pro-system-optimizers-top-5-sensorstechforuGlarysoft Ltd. managed to create what appears to be the most feature packed system optimizer we have ever seen. The program has so many features for it’s price which makes it perfect for users who simply do not want to waste hours into shuffling through the Windows Registry Editor, Control Panel, and other system settings. And in addition to this the features of Glary Utilities Pro are categorized and spread very well, making it clear and easy to learn to work with. The program also has the 1 click maintenance feature, making it good for beginner users and system administrators as well. Glary Utilities Pro also does a good job when it comes to optimizing the computer as well. Here are the main benefits and minuses of having Glary Utilities on your computer.

What We Like

  • Extremely light on system resources while its working actively.
  • A broad mix of a lot of advanced features and “mini-programs” in it.
  • The program speeds up boot time and PC performance in overall.
  • Includes a program updater.
  • Advanced options and an automatic scheduling feature.
  • Different visual skins.

What Is Missing

  • Price is on a yearly basis, and it starts from 3 PCs. The problem is that is that there could be a business discount if you are purchasing a larger number of the software because the prices are high for corporate users.
  • The design is a bit overdesigned on the main panel of the program, and it should have less advanced features on it. The advanced preferences could be concealed better.
  • The utilities which are primary should be displayed on the main panel instead of being hidden under categories.
  • Could have more live-feed screens similar to its Windows Boot Up time feed.

See the full software review of Glary Utilities Pro here:

WinZip System Utilities Suite

winzip-system-utilities-suite-sensorstechforum-top-5The system assistance and optimizing program created by the notorious WinZip lives up to its expected reputation – it can optimize computers and in the same time do it behind a lightweight and modern and simplistic design. The design was very well made grouping very good the features of WinZip System Utilities has to offer. Sure, it may not offer as many features as other programs, but the program has several unique features, like its BSOD assistance, for example, which we haven’t seen in many optimizers. Here are the pros and cons of WinZip System Utilities:

What We Like

  • Extremely light on the CPU and RAM.
  • Very simple to operate with and very well designed.
  • Very fast scanning process and swift installation as well.

What Is Missing

  • Scheduling options for auto scanning.
  • Advanced features and options.
  • The price is way above the competition’s price per year for what the program has to offer.

See the full software review of WinZip System Utilities by clicking on the button below:


avg-pc-tuneup-sensorstechforum-top5For a program created to work together with AVG’s other programs, PC Tune-Up has a lot of features, and it does a good job optimizing the computer as well. In addition to this, we have also found something unique for this program. A feature called “Turbo Mode” that eliminates all the programs which the user is not actively using but are running in the background to “boost” the computer. This is very suitable if you are playing video games, for example.

Here are the plusses and cons of AVG PC TuneUp:

What We Like

  • The program has a very modern, lightweight and simply created interface.
  • Uses less CPU than most competitors both while doing nothing and working.
  • Has a stand-alone process management system to be more stable, similar to Google Chrome.

What Is Missing

  • The size of the program is around 220 MB which is a lot for a system optimizer.
  • The license is for one year while some competitors offer similar products for a lifetime.

See the full software review of AVG PC TuneUp by clicking on the button below:

System Optimizers – Conclusions

The competition in the System Optimizers segment has become very high, and it has pushed companies to develop extra features that are unique to them and make them stand out against each other. This is perfect for the end user because you have the ability to choose the program that suits you best, and none of the programs above which are very similar as well as very different will disappoint you.

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