.Tron Virus (Tron Ransomware) – Remove + Restore Files

.Tron Virus (Tron Ransomware) – Remove + Restore Files

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Tron Virus is a newly discovered malware instance that appears to be made by an unknown hacker or criminal group. The security researchers propose that future attacks might implement newer versions of the malware engine.

Threat Summary

Short DescriptionThe Tron virus is a malware that encrypts the target data with .Tron.
SymptomsThe victims will find that their files are encrypted with the .Tron.
Distribution MethodSpam Emails, File Sharing Networks, Exploit Kits
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Tron


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Tron virus – Infection Spread

The Tron virus can be delivered using an array of different tactics. One of the most popular ones relies on the use of email messages that are sent in bulk similar to SPAM. In these cases a main part of the messages are the social engineering elements. They are made in order to coerce the victims into interacting with the dangerous code. The criminals can opt to insert hyperlinks in the body contents. The other method is to use file attachments directly to the messages.

A similar mechanism relies on the use of malware payloads. There are two popular methods that are often combined with the email spam messages:

  • Malware Documents — They include the dangerous code and are a popular delivery method. The files can be of different types: rich text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Once they are opened a notification prompt appears which asks the users to enable the built-in scripts (macros). If this is done then the infection will be downloaded from a remote server and executed on the local machine.
  • Software Installers — The hackers take legitimate installers of famous software and modify them to include the dangerous Tron virus code. Popular targets are system utility apps, creativity suites and games.

All dangerous files can also be uploaded to hacker-controlled servers. They can use the web design, graphics and text of popular download portals in order to fool computer users into using it.

Another delivery mechanism relies on the use of browser hijackers. They represent malware browser plugins that are usually made compatible with the most popular software (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari). They are uploaded to the various software repositories of the applications and advertised using false developer credentials and user reviews. Their main goal is to redirect the victims to a hacker-controlled page. The site loads tracking cookies and other technoogies that build a complete user profile of the victims. The next step is the actual virus delivery.

Tron virus – Technical Data

The security analysis of the Tron virus reveals that it does not contain code from any of the famous malware families. It is made by an unknown hacker or criminal group and appears to follow the standard behavior patterns associated with the common malware. It is possible that this is a testing version, future updates may bring in more components.

The infection can start with an information gathering component that can hijack sensitive data from the infected computer. Some of the harvested information is used by the hackers for statistical purposes and is made up of hardware information and certain values set by the operating system. The gathered data is can also be used to expose the users identity by revealing their name, address, telephone number, interests, location, passwords and account credentials.

The collected information can be used by a stealth protection module in order to protect the Tron virus from system and security software that can interfere with its correct execution. Such include anti-virus programs, sandbox environments and virtual machine hosts.

If the Tron virus fails to execute this step it may be programmed into deleting itself to avoid detection.

The next step would be to institute various system changes. Depending on the configuration files and the active campaign they may be different. A typical example would act against the Windows Registry by modifying the available entries or creating new ones. As a consequence the victims may experience performance issues and trouble with starting up certain applications or system services.

Another issue would be to disable the boot recovery menu and delete all shadow volume copies of the target data. This makes data recovery impossible without the use of a professional-grade recovery software. Refer to our instructions below on how to overcome this issue.

Advanced viruses tend to institute a network connection with the hacker-controlled servers. It can be used to deploy additional threats or spy on the victims in real time. Such infections allows the criminal operators to use the Tron virus in order to take over control of the machines at any given time.

Tron virus — Encryption Process

The Tron virus starts the ransomware component once all previous modules have executed succesfully. Depending on the sample configuration it can target a list of file type executions. Most of the viruses target the most popular files:

  • Archives
  • Backups
  • Documents
  • Images
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Databases

The captured samples associated with the ongoing attack campaign have been found to skip encryption of users from Kazakhstan. In other cases all target files are encrypted with the .tron extension. An application lockscreen is instituted which prevents ordinary computer interaction until the threat has been completely removed. Its message reads the following:

All your files are encrypted
What happened to my computer?
Your important files are encrypted.
Many of your documents, photos, videos, databases and other files are no longer accessible because they have been encrypted.
Maybe you are busy looking for a way to recovery your files, but do not waste your time.
Nobody can recover your files without our decryption service.
Can i Recover my Files?
Sure, We guarantee that you can recover II your files safely and easily.
But you have not so enough time.
You have only have 10 days to submit the payment.
Also, if you don’t pay in 10 days, you won’t be able to recover your files forever.
How Do I pay?
Payment is accepted in bitcoin only. For more inforrmation, click “How to buy Bitcoin”. Please check the current price of bitcoin and buy some bitcoins.
And send the correct amount to the address specifiled in the window.
After your payment you need to write to us on mail.
We will decrypt your files.
We strongly recommend you to not remove this software, and disable your anti-virus for a while, until! you pay and the
payment gets processed, if your anti-virus gets updated and removes this software autmatically, it will not be able
to recover your files even if you pay!
Amount 0.05 [ Copy ] Bitcoin address DzNaZiWzBwUr8ymWHcSzbYGidutRNDuEs [Copy] EMAIL supportjron @gmail .com [Copy] [HOW TO BUY BITCOIN]

Remove Tron virus and Restore Your Files

If your computer got compromised and is infected with the Tron ransomware virus, you should have some experience with removing viruses before tampering with it. You should get rid of the ransomware fast before it can spread further on the network and encrypt more files. The recommended action for you is to remove the ransomware completely by following the step-by-step instructions written below.


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