QAAgent.exe Virus Process - WHAT IS IT + How to Remove

QAAgent.exe Virus Process – WHAT IS IT + How to Remove

What is QAAgent.exe process? Is QAAgent.exe dangerous to your Windows? How to verify if QAAgent.exe is a virus? How to remove QAAgent.exe Virus?

QAAgent.exe is a Windows process, that is originally essential to monitoring all of the apps in your operating system. It has been classified as a dangerous file in some occasions, however. The reason for that is that malware may imitate or insert virus code into QAAgent.exe in order to monitor what you do. Such malware is known as a Trojan and it’s main idea is to spy on the activities you are doing. Read this article to understand how to detected and remove any QAAgent.exe viruses from your computer.

Threat Summary

NameQAAgent.exe Virus
Short DescriptionCould take advantage of the legitimate QAAgent.exe Windows Process to spy on the applications you use.
Symptoms QAAgent.exe error messages appearing on your screen. If the virus process is different than the original 6.25 MB file size, then this is not the original process, but a virus.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by QAAgent.exe Virus


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QAAgent.exe Virus – How Did I Get It and What Does It Do?

QAAgent.exe is the name of a legitimate Windows process that is originally located in:

→ C:\Progam Files\acer\acer quick access\quickaccess.exe

If the process is located in a different place or has a different file size than the original, then you most certainly are dealing with a virus.

Viruses, like QAAgent.exe could be spread by being sent to victims via e-mail or via a browser redirect that could have led victims to virus link that could have caused the infection.

Once the QAAgent.exe Virus is in your computer, if malware, could cause a lot of damage. For starters, the virus may enter your computer via the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) of Windows and use different types of exploit kits to remain undetected. Hiding behind the legitimate QAAgent.exe process may not be its only trick.

If on your computer the QAAgent.exe Virus Trojan may perform the following spyware and malicious actions:

  • Steal files.
  • Obtain your passwords and logins that are saved.
  • Delete files.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Record audio or camera video.
  • Log the keystrokes you type on your keyboard.
  • Download other viruses silently.
  • Update itself.

These are the main reasons why you should immediately get rid of all QAAgent.exe Virus files and objects from your computer if detected.

Remove QAAgent.exe Virus Process from Windows

To remove QAAgent.exe from your computer, you need to be very careful. First, we advise you to backup all important files and then change the passwords you have from a safe device. Then, we recommend that you follow the removal steps below, since they are there to assist you in safely isolating this threat and removing it from your computer. If you want to remove all components of QAAgent.exe effectively and fast, then we suggest what most experts would – to download and scan your computer now, using an advanced anti-malware software, such tool has been created with the primary goal of helping you get rid of the QAAgent.exe virus from your computer by removing all of the objects an components related to it and thus making sure it won’t come back again.


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