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‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ Ransomware Removal Manual

‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ ransomware belongs to the same family of Trojans as West Yorkshire Ransomware and has the same pattern of infection. But unlike the other members of this malware family, which use pop-up notifications claiming that the user is involved in illegitimate activities varying from downloading and distributing pornographic content online to file-trafficking affairs, ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ ransomware uses a different trick – a fake Windows license.

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‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ Ransomware – The Lock Down

Once active, ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ ransomware encrypts the media files on the targeted machine using a preset algorithm, locks down the computer and displays a pop-up message demanding ransom that should be paid in the form of Paysafecard or Ukash in exchange for the decryption key. ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ ransomware peddles a bogus Windows update and claims that the current operating system on the affected PC uses an expired or a pirated license.

Keep in mind that the real Microsoft will neither randomly lock down your computer nor will it demand payment in the above-mentioned form. These payment methods are known to be used by ransomware Trojans around the globe.


The ransom message displayed by ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ Ransomware in German

Experts’ Recommendations

Security experts advise against the payment of the ransom. Instead, users should boot their machines from a removable hard drive, which will allow them to start Windows without activating ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ ransomware. This will allow them to scan the computer and remove the threat in a safe manner.

Malware specialists recommend the removal of ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ ransomware with the assistance of a reputable AV program because if any of the threats related to ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ ransomware do not get eliminated, the Trojan ransomware may get reinstalled by Trojan droppers components. Although the encrypted files cannot be accessed until they are decrypted, they should not be treated as malicious.

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