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“Your Account Has Been Locked” Apple Scam Virus – How to Remove It

What is the “Your Account Has Been Locked” scam? How does “Your Account Has Been Locked” scam work? How to remove “Your Account Has Been Locked” scam from your Mac?

A new scam message likely caused by a virus on your mac has been reported by many users. The scam’s primary purpose. The main idea of this scam is to get you to type in your login credentials for your Apple account, which is basically a phishing attack. Usually phishing pages can appear on your computer due to several different reasons, one of them being either adware ot other forms of malware that may have corrupted your Mac.

Threat Summary

TypeVirus for Mac OS
Short DescriptionA phishing page likely caused by a browser redirect due to adware or a Trojan on your computer.
SymptomsAims to display a fake Mac virus message. The primary idea of this message is to convince victims to enter their username and password.
Distribution MethodVia various different types of viruses or adware.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by


Combo Cleaner

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Mac Virus – How Did I Get It and What Does It Do?

The primary idea of the Mac Virus is to convince victims to enter their information. To do this, it causes a browser redirection, whose main goal is to show the following message:

Text from image:

You account has been locked
It look like your account is outdate and request to update account
ownership information, so we can protect your account and im prove our
service to maintenance your privacy. To countinue using your account
again, we advice you to update the information before 24 hours or your
account will be permanently locked.
Account Venfication
Please verify your account as soon as possible follow intruction to
confirm your identity. Our team will disable your account in 24 hours.
Information Expired Account
Your account has expired and we temporarily blocked your account.
To reopen your account and use it, renew identity to update your account,
click the https: app e d apple.co:r and follow the instruction.
We wait 3 days, if you do not respond, we will lock your account for the
next 2 years, renew your account. For Apple ID to be update to make your
account more Secure
Apple Support
This web page may have come to either one of the web browsers on your Mac and its main goal is to get you to click the “Account Verification” button. It may ask you to type in not only your username and password, but also other personal information as well, like your credit card details, for example.

Seeing this page, likely means that you may have an unwanted program installed on your Mac. Such unwanted software often finds its way on your computer by either being added to the installers of other programs or by being advertised as a legitimate program open for free download.

Once you download such unwanted program on your computer, the “Your Account Has Been Locked” redirects may not be your only program. The app may also show other ads such as:

Browser redirections.
Highlighted text ads.

If you see redirects coming from “Your Account Has Been Locked” it I imperative that you know that this program is unwanted on your computer. It may not only show phishing pages, like “Your Account Has Been Locked”, but may also lead you via redirects to sites that are malicious and may infect your computer with malware.

Remove Your Account Has Been Locked Mac Virus

To remove Your Account Has Been Locked scam, you should eliminate the software that is causing it to appear. This way you will be able to get rid of the redirects on your browser without them coming back. There are two solutions to this – manual and automatic. If you know how to remove Your Account Has Been Locked manually and you have identified the program by yourself, then you can use the step by step manual underneath. However, If you want to remove Your Account Has Been Locked automatically and you feel unsure that you have fully removed it, we strongly advise you to download and run a scan using an advanced malware removal software. It will make sure to detect and remove all files created by Your Account Has Been Locked virus and stop such redirects in the future as well.


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