Fruitfly Adware “Virus” – How to Remove It from Your Mac

Fruitfly Adware “Virus” – How to Remove It from Your Mac

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This article has been created in order to show you what is Fruitfly adware and how you can remove the Fruitfly PUP completely from your computer.

SIDENOTE: This post was originally published in August 2018. But we gave it an update in August 2019.

The Fruitfly Adware is something that you definitely would not have on your PC and even though this fake app seems like a promising entertainment type of software, it is actually an adware that slither malware components on your Mac, similar to the Pirrit Mac “virus”. Latest analysis showed that Fruitfly which is the first Mac Malware for 2017 has reportedly resurfaced in 2018 and has continued to haunt users with ads. But unlike the traditional adware system, this program may also add malicious components to the computers of victims, making it possible to gain administrative access to Mac machines. If your Mac has been affected by the Fruitfly adware, we recommend that you read this article as it aims to show you how you can remove it from your Mac and stop it from tracking information and showing advertisements.

Threat Summary

TypeAdware/Malware for Mac OS
Short DescriptionAims to obtain administrative access on the affected Mac and display ads plus collect information.
SymptomsDifferent types of ads are displayed with the Fruitfly tag.
Distribution MethodVia fake Fruitfly app. Via software bundling.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Fruitfly


Combo Cleaner

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Fruitfly.

Fruitfly Adware – How Did I Get It

The primary method of distribution used by this adware program is likely believed to be software bundling. This is the most effective strategy of aggressively pushing third-party programs by attaching them to others of the type. Usually, the most used method of bundling apps is within the setups of other useful apps fo Macs, like video converters, photo editors, filter programs and others of such type. If these apps are added from third-party sites, they may contain “bonus” apps, that are also added as “free extras” to your current installation. This allows programs, like the Fruitfly adware to slip past your computer while remaining unnoticed. Not only this, but the program may also be spread as a result of being installed by pretending to be a useful app or a game itself. Such apps are commonly seen and some of them manage to first slither through the AppStore by being legitimate but then, changes may occur that result in compromising the app and turning it into adware.

Fruitfly App – More Information

According to latest reports on Fruitfly, the app is essentially malicious as researchers have established. Yes, it’s main goal may be adware, but researcher Thomas Reed who cracked the program has also stated that the app contains various system calls and action triggers that result in a major modification of Apple operating systems. In other words, this basically means that the Fruitfly app does more than just display ads on your Mac, but is also a backdoor.

The app’s main activity is to show different advertisements on your Mac by modifying your web browser to allow redirections. These ads may be of different types, such as:

  • Pop-ups.
  • Browser redirects.
  • Ad-supported search results.
  • Taken over banner spaces.

But this app may also perform other activities on the victim’s Mac, such as create multiple different types of functions and call procedures that may result in the virus monitoring important aspects of your Mac, such as:

  • Logging your keystrokes.
  • Collecting data about your online browsing activity.
  • Obtaining pictures.
  • Obtaining financial data.
  • Stealing passwords.
  • Taking screenshots.
  • Controlling your camera.

What is more, since the ads that may be displayed by Fruitfly may also lead you to unwanted websites, such as scamming or malicious sites, that may do more harm than good to your Mac. Only one more reason to remove Fruitfly app immediately.

Remove Fruitfly App from Your Mac

If you want to remove this app from your Mac, we strongly suggest that you follow the removal instructions underneath this article. For maximum effectiveness it is recommended that you focus on removing Fruitfly automatically from your Mac with the aid of an advanced antivirus program. Such specific software aims to fully secure your Mac and also ensure that it is as optimized as protected against infections by malicious apps, like Fruitfly in the future as well.


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