Intele.exe Miner Virus – How to Detect and Remove It

Intele.exe Miner Virus – How to Detect and Remove It

Is Intele.exe a miner? Does Intele.exe harm your computer? Can Intele.exe a cryptocurrency miner?

Intele.exe CPU trojan miner

The Intele.exe is a dangerous miner and potentially a Trojan sample which is believed to be spread by an experienced criminal group. It can be acquired through various methods and is mostly distributed via browser hijackers, infected applications and dropped by various other threats. Upon infection it can cause a lot of issues including the processing of resource-intensive tasks which will lead to income generation for the hackers.

Threat Summary

TypeTrojan Horse, Miner Malware
Short DescriptionThe Intele.exe Trojan is a cryptocurrency miner type of malware that is probably put in your computer system via a Trojan horse and without your permission.
SymptomsYou will see a rise in the usage of your computer’s resources like CPU (30%), RAM and possibly GPU, while your PC will accordingly consume more electric power and may even overheat.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages, JavaScript
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Intele.exe


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Intele.exe Miner – Distribution Methods

The Intele.exe Miner is a dangerous threat which is being spread using a variety of distribution methods. At the moment we cannot tell if an individual hacker is behind it or a malicious group. Viruses like Intele.xe miner can be placed as scripts in web sites and redirects, many of which are created by the criminals. They are hosted on domains that sound familiar to the victims and may even include stolen or self-signed security certificates. The redirects can be caused by users who interact with banners, pop-ups, text links, ads and etc. The content presented in the sites can be fake or stolen.

In other cases the Intele.exe miner installation code can be inserted into file carriers of which there are two main types. The first one is the creation of malicious documents that include the most popular formats: spreadsheets, presentations, databases and text files. When they are opened by the victims a pop-up message will ask them to enable the built-in contents which will trigger the delivery. The other mechanism is to insert the necessary installation code into setup packages.

All of these files can be spread over file-sharing networks like BitTorrent where both legitimate and pirate content is frequently shared.

A frequent intrusion tactic is to embed the necessary code into browser hijackers which are dangerous plugins made for most of the popular web browsers. These virus-infected samples are commonly found on the respective repositories of these applications with fake criminal identities and user reviews. The posted descriptions and advertisements lure the users into installing them by offering new features or performance enhancements.

Intele.exe Miner – Technical Data

Intele.exe Miner once installed will perform several functions as attributed to its malware category. We anticipate that depending on the exact configuration they can be toggled on and off:

  • Cryptocurrency Mining — This is one of the most commonly run actions wherein the main engine will download numerous small resources-intensive tasks that will be run in a sequence. This will take advantage of the hardware, namely the CPU, GPU, Memory and Hard Disk Space. When one of the samples has been reported as completed the hackers will receive cryptocurrency directly into their wallets as payment.
  • System Changes — Advanced samples of the Intele.exe Miner can be used to commit various modifications to the operating system configuration. This can result in the automatic startup of the threat and problems when interacting with the compromised computer.
  • Data Collection — If the Intele.exe miner is programmed to acquire data it will likely hijack both user information and machine metrics.
  • Additional Virus Delivery — If programmed to do so the Intele.exe miner infection can be used to deploy other threats as well including the following: ransomware, Trojans, redirects, hijackers and etc.

Remove Intele.exe Trojan Completely

To remove Intele.exe Miner manually from your computer, follow the step-by-step removal tutorial written down below. In case this manual removal does not get rid of the miner malware completely, you should search for and remove any leftover items with an advanced anti-malware tool. Such software can keep your computer secure in the future.


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