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THREAT REMOVAL Ransomware – Remove and Restore the .cbf Encrypted Files

keyboardRansomware virus from the “@” family has been reported yet again on security forums to encrypt files of unsuspecting users. The ransomware is believed to be widespread via e-mails that contain malicious attachments and it uses a powerful cipher to make the files of the computers it infects inaccessible. In addition to that, this virus demands a ransom payoff either In BTC or via other online payments service and will not give a decryptor until the payment is complete. Since decryption may be possible with time, users are strongly advised not to contact the e-mail of the cyber criminals for payments. Instead, it is strongly recommended to remove the Mr.fox8 Ransomware yourself and try alternatives like the ones in this article to restore your files.

Threat Summary

NameTeslaCrypt 3.0
Short DescriptionThe ransomware searches for files with various extensions and encrypts them. Then, it asks for money to decrypt the files, and describes upon contacting the e-mail where to send it.
SymptomsFiles get encrypted with a .cbf extension with the unique e-mail of Mr.fox8.
Distribution MethodMalicious Sites, Spam emails with attachments
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Mr.fox8


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin our forum to discuss TeslaCrypt with .micro Extension.

Mr.fox8 Ransomware – Distribution Ways

To be widespread, the Mr.fox8 ransomware also referred to as a cryptovirus uses the same methods It communicates with users – e-mail. The criminals behind the ransomware may use different spamming software to spread the malicious files of their virus:

  • They may send spam mails with the virus files attached in an archive, like .zip or .rar.
  • They may post web links that redirect to malicious URLs which contain a JavaScript, Exploit Kit or other malware.

Mr.fox8 Ransomware In Detail

After a successful infection, Mr.fox8 starts scanning for files which are often used by the user, for example:

  • Microsoft Office documents.
  • Pictures.
  • Audio Files.
  • Videos.
  • Databases.
  • Text Files.

After encryption, the ransomware adds a unique ID and the .cbf extension. File encrypted by Mr.fox8 ransomware may look like the following:

→ New Text Document.txt. id-{8-alpha-numerical-symbols}.{}.cbf

After encrypting the data on the compromising device Mr.Fox8 Ransomware is not reported to leave behind a ransom note, change the wallpaper or perform any other malicious activity.

Researchers believe this that the Mr.fox8 is one of the Rakhni ransomware variants, for which, fortunately enough a decryptor exists. The ransomware of Mr.fox8`s type are also believed to be a part of a so-called RaaS – Ransomware-as-a-Service. Essentially they may be sold from couple of hundred to thousands of dollars online on the deep web markets. The “service” offered is to choose custom file extensions and to choose a cipher. Some of the ciphers associated with this ransomware may be:

  • Base64 Encoding.
  • RSA.
  • AES.

Users who have been infected with the ransomware are advised by research experts not to pay any sort of ransom money and try to restore the data themselves.

Remove Ransomware and Try to Restore Your Files

To expel this ransomware permanently from your computer, we advise you to follow our instructions below. In case you cannot manually find the malicious files of Mr.fox8 Ransomware, we advise you to focus on removing the virus automatically using an advanced Anti-Malware program. It will not only find the files but will also revert any settings modified by the ransomware and protect your PC in the future as well.

To restore your files, we strongly advise downloading Rakhni decryptor from the Kaspersky Decryptors link in step “3.Restore Files Encrypted by Mr.fox8” below.


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