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New Locky Spam Attacks! Beware of Necurs Malware

Necurs is once again a threat to Web security. After a pause that continued for a few three weeks, the malware is back. The botnet has millions of units at its disposal and is one of (if not the) the largest in the world.

What Is the Necurs Malware?

Necurs is a botnet that uses spam emails in order to infect user systems. The botnet usually infects systems with ransomware. Around June 1st, 2016, the botnet virtually stopped all its activities. The inactions of Necurs marked a decrease in malicious email spam, but now that it’s back, the threat of email malware is going to increase again. The decline proves the big role that Necurs plays in spam malware activities.

Why Was the Botnet Pulled for Such a Long Time?

The creators of the botnet pulled their malware out to so they can update and strengthen it. The ransomware was beginning to lose strength, as more security measures began to neutralize it. This is not the first time Necurs has halted all activities, but it’s the longest hiatus as of yet. Proofpoint has reported that the Necurs is back in action, and a giant Locky ransomware campaign was launched on June 21st.Here’s what the infected emails look like:

Beware of New Emails Threats

Users should be extra cautious of malicious spam. New malware versions are always more dangerous because there hasn’t been enough time to analyze and combat them properly. The first wave since Necurs came back online is only the beginning.

The long two-week pause could mean that the Necurs is struggling to keep their malware effective against today’s new cyber security measures. The malware spam isn’t as prevalent as it once was, but it’s still a threat to Internet users everywhere. Remember, when you see an email with suspicious titles or coming from an unknown source, it’s best not to open them. If you happen to get infected with ransomware, make sure to check out STF’s large library of malware removal tutorials, before paying the ransom. Avoid paying hackers, as that only fuels cyber crime and breeds more viruses, malware, and other threats to your Web security.

And keep your system malware-free!


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