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Nissan Canada Data Breach Affects Various Customer Data

The end of the year is approaching but cybercriminals know no rest. Another data breach has been detected, affecting Nissan. The company has notified that a possible data breach has happened, affecting their customers’ personal information. More specifically, the breach involved Nissan Canada, and customers who paid for their vehicles through Nissan Canada Finance and INFINITI Financial Services Canada.

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Nissan Canada Finance recently became aware it was the victim of a data breach that may have involved unauthorized person(s) gaining access to the personal information of some customers that have financed their vehicles through Nissan Canada Finance and INFINITI Financial Services Canada”, the company said in a statement.

The company is currently notifying potentially affected customers, and it is also offering 12 months of credit monitoring services via TransUnion at no cost.

While the precise number of customers affected by this breach is not yet known, out of abundance of caution, NCF is notifying all its customers and is providing them with credit monitoring services even if their personal information may not have actually been affected,” Nissan Canada added.

Nisan Canada Data Breach: Types of Personal Information Potentially Affected

The following types of customers’ personal information may have been exploited by hackers or unauthorized individuals:

  • Customers’ names
  • Home addresses
  • Vehicle makes and models
  • Vehicle identification numbers
  • Credit scores
  • Loan amounts
  • Monthly payments

It’s still not known whether payment (financial) information has been acquired by the hackers, but according to the company itself, this type of data is intact. Emails addresses and phone numbers are likely not affected as well.

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The investigation on the data breach is ongoing. It’s not yet known whether customers from other regions have been affected.

Nissan Canada apologized their customers for the inconvenience, and it also contacted the country’s law enforcement and data security experts to help in the investigation:

We sincerely apologize to the customers whose personal information may have been illegally accessed and for any frustration or inconvenience that this may cause. We are focused on supporting our customers and ensuring the security of our systems.”

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