Remove Appmaster Malware — Identify and Remove Active Infections

Remove Appmaster Malware — Identify and Remove Active Infections

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This article has been made with the main idea in mind to show you how you can remove the AppMaster Malware fake optimizer program from your PC.

The Appmaster malware is a dangerous virus code that can be embedded in various software. It is being developed by an unknown criminal collective and can take many forms. Our in-depth article shows how users can identify the infections and attempt to remove them.

Threat Summary

NameAppmaster Malware
TypePUP /Malicious Software, Dropper
Short DescriptionThe application will be advertised as an useful system utility.
SymptomsThe users can experience significant performance issues and may discover that additional software has been installed.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Appmaster Malware


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AppMaster Malware – Distribution Methods

The AppMaster malware is a modified version of a legitimate system utility that is being distributed using some of the common strategies. The security reports read that the main vector so far seems to be a hacker-created website that is designed to advertise a PDF conversion utility. A cross-check has confirmed that there are several different names that the Appmaster malware uses. One of the names it uses as a disguise is “PDF PRO 100” — a tool for converting popular file formats. Various scripts can redirect to the malicious sites — banners, pop-ups, in-line links and etc.

Another popular strategy is to send out SPAM emails — they use phishing tactics which are sent in bulk to the recipients. The malicious operators seek to impersonate messages that are sent by legitimate institutions and popular services.

By itself this particular threat represents a malicious software installer — there are two possible origins:

  • Infected Software — The criminals can take legitimate system utilities, their original setup files will be taken by the criminals and modified to include the virus code.
  • Malicious App — The application itself can be entirely made by the hackers with the intent of masking as a legitimate system tool.

Another tactic relies on the use of browser hijackers. They are dangerous plugins made compatible with the most popular web browsers and uploaded with fake user reviews and developer credentials. Their description often advertises promises of greatly enhancing their functionality or adding new features. When they are installed most of them will redirect the users to a hacker-controlled page and will also lead to a virus installation.

AppMaster Malware – Activity

The installation of the AppMaster malware will trigger different behavior according to the hackers configuration. One of the first signs of infection is the installation of additional programs — this means that the malicious operators can lead to infections of various types of threats. An example includes the following:

  • Ransomware — These viruses are among the most deadly and are designed to encrypt target data with a strong cipher. The victims will be blackmailed to pay the operators for data recovery.
  • Trojans — These are viruses that seek to take over control of the victims computers at any given time. They are also particularly useful for extracting files and data that can then be used for identity theft and financial abuse.
  • Cryptocurrency Miners — Among the most popular threats are also miners that take advantage of the available system resources in order to carry out complex calculations. When they have successfully completed the malicious operators will be rewarded digital currency for the operations.
  • Adware — Various scripts, redirects, pop-ups and banners can be generated in the victims banners. The reason for this is the fact that every viewed or interacted results in profit generation for the operators.

During the virus’s observation the analysts discovered that interaction with the document conversion utility does not actually fulffill the promises. The files are uploaded to a server belonging to a cloud service provider. It will do the conversation for them and offer the installation of a browser hijacker.

The security analysis shows that the Appmaster malware is particularly dangerous as it can use practically any software payload, not just the aforementioned “PDF PRO 100” application. We expect to see other campaigns featuring it as the main code.

How to Remove AppMaster Malware from Windows

Removing AppMaster Malware should be performed methodologically and properly. The app could present some difficulties for users during removal, because of the many files that it creates. One way to effectively remove AppMaster Malware is to follow the removal instructions that are underneath this article. They have been created with the main idea to help you remove this app either manually or automatically. Be advised that if manual removal is not something you feel prepared to do, security analysts often recommend using an advanced anti-malware program for the removal. Such tool will automatically attempt to scan for and remove any programs that are related to AppMaster Malware and make sure that the software is gone completely from your PC.


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