.SOLO Files Virus – How to Remove It

.SOLO Files Virus – How to Remove It


A ransomware dubbed after its associated extension has been spotted in the wild. .SOLO files virus is designed to invade computer systems and encrypt important files with the strong cipher algorithm AES. Once it corrupts target files it drops a ransom note file called IHRE_DATEIEN_SIND_VERSCHLUESSELT.html and opens it on the screen. The presented message is written in German. It extorts a ransom of 0.2 BTC from victims.

If you want to potentially recover files encrypted by .SOLO ransomware without paying hackers’ the ransom, you should read thoroughly the guide presented in the end. There you will find how to clean your infected system from malicious files as well as how to use alternative data recovery methods.

Threat Summary

Name.SOLO Files Virus
TypeRansomware, Cryptovirus
Short DescriptionA data locker ransomware that utilizes AES cihper algorithm to encode target files so it can blackmail victims into paying a ransom of 0.2 BTC.
SymptomsImportant files are inaccessible and marked with the extension .SOLO. A ransom message states that hackers demand a ransom payment for files decryption.
Distribution MethodSpam Emails, Email Attachments, Corrupted Web Pages, Freeware Installers
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by .SOLO Files Virus


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss .SOLO Files Virus.
Data Recovery ToolWindows Data Recovery by Stellar Phoenix Notice! This product scans your drive sectors to recover lost files and it may not recover 100% of the encrypted files, but only few of them, depending on the situation and whether or not you have reformatted your drive.

.SOLO Files Virus – Distribution

Spread campaigns of the so-called .SOLO files virus are targeting computer systems situated around the globe. The spread is likely to happen mainly via massive spam email campaigns. Emails part of such campaigns could be recognized by several typical traits.

The first one is an attached file that according to the text message contains very important information. Hence it should be opened as soon as possible. Malicious file attachments could be masked as legitimate documents archived into .rar or .zip files. However, once started on the machine they could evade detection and run the infection code of SOLO ransomware.

Another suspicious element that is often used in spam emails is a URL address that lands to a compromised web page. The code of such page could be set to trigger a drive-by download attack and this way execute the infection code directly on your PC.

In addition, fake software installers, fake update notifications, compromised software setups, files shared on forums and other techniques may download and activate the ransomware module.

Variants of

Skype viruses may be also part of the distribution scheme of this .SOLO ransomware. By exploiting some security flaws of the software hackers could deliver their malicious code directly through this channel.

.SOLO Files Virus – Overview

An infection with .SOLO files virus starts the moment when its payload file is executed on the system. The code of this file is configured to interfere with essential system components which in turn results in the corruption of important settings and valuable data.

At first, the threat is likely to create some additional malicious files that could manipulate legitimate processes. Other files that support the attack may be dropped on the system after .SOLO ransomware connects to its server. There are several folders that may store files associated with this ransomware and they are:

  • %AppData%
  • %Local%
  • %LocalLow%
  • %Roaming%
  • %Temp%
  • %Windows%

Among affected system components may be the Registry Editor. It is a hierarchical database that contains low-level system settings that are essential for its proper performance. In addition, the values there keep various users preferences. In case that your Windows operating system has been infected by .SOLO files virus it is likely that two registry sub-keys – Run and RunOnce are plagued by the threat.

Such an issue could be explained by the specific functionalities of these two sub-keys. Since they can provide for the automatic execution of ransomware infection files on each system start, .SOLO is likely to add its values under them. The same process could be performed when it’s time for the ransomware to display its ransom note on the screen.

This file is called IHRE_DATEIEN_SIND_VERSCHLUESSELT.html and its purpose is to blackmail you into paying hackers a ransom of 0.2 BTC which is around $1200. It contains message written in German that reads the following:

Alle Ihre Dateien wurden verschlüsselt.
Ihr Computer wurde mit der SOLO Verschlüsselungssoftware infiziert. Ihre Dateien wurden verschlüsselt und können nicht von Ihnen selbst entschlüsselt werden.
Bitte nehmen Sie keine versuche vor, Ihre Dateien selbst zu entschlüsseln, im schlimmsten Fall werden Sie Ihre Dateien beschädigen und somit für immer **unverschlüsselbar machen.**
Um Ihre Dateien zu entschlüsseln, benötigen Sie unsere spezielle Entschlüsselungssoftware:
SOLO Decrypter welche alle Ihre verschlüsselten Dateien sofort entschlüsselt, desweiteren entfernt die Software die SOLO Verschlüsselungssoftware von Ihrem PC.
Der Preis für die Entschlüsselungssoftware beläuft sich auf 0.2 Bitcoin (etwa $1,200).
Bitcoin können Sie auf einen der vielzähligen Krypto-Marktplätzen ganz einfach per Kreditkarte oder Banküberweisung kaufen. Beispiele zu Diensten, wo Sie Bitcoin kaufen können:
Bitpanda – Kreditkarte, SOFORTueberweisung, Giropay, Bankueberweisung
BTC Direct – Kreditkarte, SOFORTueberweisung, Giropay, Bankueberweisung
ANYcoin Direct – SOFORTueberweisung, Giropay, Bankueberweisung
Localbitcoins – Grosse Anzahl an Zahlungsmoeglichkeiten
Coinmama – Kreditkarte
Weitere Möglichkeiten finden Sie mit einer kurzen Google suche nach ‘Bitcoins kaufen’.
Nachdem Sie die benötigte Anzahl an Bitcoins (0.2 BTC) erworben haben, senden Sie diese an die folgende Bitcoin-Adresse:
0.2 BTC
Nachdem wir den kompletten Betrag erhalten haben, wird ihnen automatisch die Entschlüsselungssoftware zum Download bereit gestellt (bitte nehmen Sie keine modifikationen an dieser Datei vor, damit die ordnungsgemäße Funktionalität sichergestellt ist).
Der komplette Betrag wurde noch nicht bezahlt.
Entschlüsselungssoftware Herunterladen

IHRE_DATEIEN_SIND_VERSCHLUESSELT.html SOLO ransomware virus ransom note sensorstechforum

Here is its version translated in English with the help of automatic translation tool:

All your files have been encrypted.
Your computer was infected with the SOLO encryption software. Your files have been encrypted and can not be decrypted by you.
Please do not try to decrypt your files yourself, in the worst case you will damage your files and thus make them unencryptable forever **
To decrypt your files, you need our special decryption software:
SOLO Decrypter which decrypts all your encrypted files immediately, furthermore removes the SOLO encryption software from your PC.
The price of the decryption software is 0.2 Bitcoin (about $ 1,200).
You can easily buy Bitcoin on one of the many crypto marketplaces by credit card or bank transfer. Examples of services where you can buy Bitcoin:
Bitpanda – Credit Card, Instant Bank Transfer, Giropay, Bank Transfer
BTC Direct – Credit Card, Instant Bank Transfer, Giropay, Bank Transfer
ANYcoin Direct – SOFORT Transfer, Giropay, Bank Transfer
Localbitcoins – Large number of payment options
Coinmama – credit card
You can find more options with a short Google search for ‘buy Bitcoins’.
After purchasing the required number of Bitcoins (0.2 BTC), send them to the following Bitcoin address:
0.2 BTC
Once we have received the full amount, the decryption software will automatically be made available to you for download (please do not make any modifications to this file to ensure proper functionality).
The complete amount has not yet been paid.
Download decryption software

.SOLO Files Virus – Encryption Process

The primary goal of .SOLO ransomware is data encryption. During the

encoding process, the ransomware utilizes one of the most sophisticated cipher algorithms – AES. This cipher replaces the original code of target files with other specifically ordered characters. Following these changes, corrupted files remain inaccessible while their names are set to contain the extension .SOLO.

In order to make you more prone to pay the ransom, hackers usually configure their threats to corrupt all your:

  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Document files
  • Image files
  • Backup files
  • Banking credentials, etc

In addition, .SOLO crypto virus could erase all Shadow Volume Copies from the affected Windows system. This happens with the execution of the following command:

→vssadmin.exe delete shadows /all /Quiet

Once shadow volume copies are erased your options to restore files is reduced by one. If a computer device has been infected with this ransomware and your files are locked, read on through to find out how you could potentially restore some files back to their normal state.

Remove Scarab-Walker Ransomware and Restore .JohnnieWalker Files

Below you could find how a step-by-step removal guide that may be helpful in attempting to remove this .SOLO files virus. The manual removal approach demands practice in recognizing traits of malware files. Beware that ransomware is a threat with highly complex code that plagues not only your files but your whole system. So it should be secured properly before it could be used regularly again.

The automatic approach enables you to check infected system for ransomware files and remove them with a few clicks after the scan. Reliable anti-malware program is also one of the best ways to protect the PC from ransomware. Additional security layer that will prevent you from ransomware attacks is

anti-ransomware tool.

If you want to understand how to fix .SOLO files without paying the ransom of 0.2 BTC (≈ $ 1,200) make sure to read carefully all the details mentioned in the step “Restore files” from the guide below. Beware that before recovery process you should back up all encrypted files to an external drive in order to prevent their irreversible loss.

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