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Scylex Banking Trojan – Removal and Protection

shutterstock_223094779Malware researchers have discovered a new banking Trojan, dubbed by the weird name Scylex. It has been advertised at this present moment on the DarkWeb forums, but the malware has not yet been seen in action. Scylex is reported by Heimdal researchers to be advertised as a new form of threat that is created with a code like no other on the web, which is particularly dangerous, because if this virus is already released it may have caused numerous infections on institutions worldwide.

For those who are not familiar, banking Trojans, like Scylex exhibit a botnet-like behavior in combination with information stealing mechanisms to steal financial details from infected computers.

Threat Summary



TypeBanking Trojan
Short DescriptionThe Scrylex trojan steals financial information from compromised computers.
SymptomsPhishing pages, unfamiliar processes, weird behavior on system startup.
Distribution MethodVia an Exploit kit, JavaScript, other malware or PUPs., rootkit.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Scylex


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Scylex – Potential Ways of Distribution

There are several methods by which Scylex banking Trojan can spread all over the web. One of these methods is by spam e-mail. The malware may exist uploaded online in malicious URLs that can be posted in the body of the e-mail, like the example picture below:


It may also exist in malicious e-mail attachments that can cause PC infection by having users download and open them by themselves on their computers, believing they are legitimate documents, like PDF or Microsoft Office files.

Scylex – More Information About it

Experts at Heimdal Security and CSIS Security Group have also discovered that the price of Scylex on the dark web is not a small one. The virus starts with the basics at $7,500. Ever since the Zeus project has been released, most banking Trojans have taken its source code and modified it to sell cloned malware on the deep web.

This is why, experts at Softpedia believe that the people behind Scylex banking Trojan use this fact as a marketing tool to advertise a virus that is completely new and has nothing to do with clones that may be detected more by antivirus software.

The kit, sold by the cyber-criminals in the deep web is not limited to the malware piece itself. It also involves a rootkit malware, data stealers from online forums and also injectors. For additional security, experts report that this virus also includes a special proxy which can operate even when the connection is very slow and the user does not have an administrator access on the affected computer.

Not only this, but If the one who buys the malware wishes to pay extra, they should receive a free “customer support” to use such proxies, according to researchers.

There were also other features of this virus that have been reported to exist, like the newly seen feature for Trojans to use Virtual Networks, giving the cyber-criminal customers extra security by allowing them to infect computers from virtual machines.

Scylex Trojan has the capability to include limitless features in it as well. The blackhats behind it also promise to include other modules in the virus:

  • Powerful “Spreading” features.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Edge and Opera web browsers.
  • Financial transaction support features.

Scylex Banking Trojan – Conclusion, Removal and Protection

The cyber-criminals behind Scylex Trojan are also reported to be working on other malware as well. Softpedia researchers report that they are also developing a powerful DDoS tools. With having everything saved online nowadays, malware analysts are concerned that malware has become a lucrative business for those who wish to use it for profit via cyber-crime. This is why they strongly advise users to have the necessary protection against it at all times.

We advise checking for Scylex banking trojan by using the instructions below and scanning it with an advanced anti-malware software, which will also help you stay protected in the future as well with its real-time shield.

Automatically remove Scylex by downloading an advanced anti-malware program

1. Remove Scylex with SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool
2. Back up your data to secure it against infections and file encryption by Scylex in the future
3. Restore files encrypted by Scylex
Optional: Using Alternative Anti-Malware Tools

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