Trojan.Bitcoinminer Malware Removal

Trojan.Bitcoinminer Malware Removal


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Note! Your computer might be affected by Trojan.Bitcoinminer and other threats.
Threats such as Trojan.Bitcoinminer may be persistent on your system. They tend to re-appear if not fully deleted. A malware removal tool like SpyHunter will help you to remove malicious programs, saving you the time and the struggle of tracking down numerous malicious files.
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This article will aid you to remove Trojan.Bitcoinminer in full. Follow the removal instructions for the miner malware given at the end of the article.

Trojan.Bitcoinminer is the main detection name used for a Trojan horse that will infiltrate your computer to mine the cryptocurrencies BitCoin and FeatherCoin. The name of its executable is “indexer.exe”. The Trojan.Bitcoinminer will be inside a hidden folder located in the “AppData” directory on an infected computer system. This detection will appear in your computer’s antivirus software if the miner was installed on your PC, without your permission and knowledge. Trojan.Bitcoinminer will use your computer’s resources, including more power consumption, so it is in your best interest to remove it.

Threat Summary

TypeTrojan Horse, Miner Malware
Short DescriptionThe Trojan.Bitcoinminer is a miner malware that is put in your computer system via a Trojan horse. The malware is used for mining the cryptocurrencies BitCoin and FeatherCoin.
SymptomsYou will see a rise in the usage of your computer’s resources like CPU, RAM and possibly GPU usage, while your PC will accordingly consume more electricity and may even overheat.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages, JavaScript
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Trojan.Bitcoinminer


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Trojan.Bitcoinminer – How Did I Get It?

The Trojan.Bitcoinminer malware can spread in a few ways. Third-party installer setups could have put the Trojan horse on your computer machine via bundling. These installations typically arrive with freeware and application packages. Without you knowing, additive content could be installed to your computer, which could even be a JavaScript file that downloads the actual malware. The name of its executable is “indexer.exe”. Avoiding such installations is possible if you find Custom or Advanced settings in the install setup.

The Trojan.Bitcoinminer malware has lately been seen to spread in the following countries:

  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Ukraine
  • Indonesia

Trojan.Bitcoinminer can also spread if you come across unknown websites through redirects and advertisements which have some sort of scripts in themselves and load them when you visit a site or click on an advert. Pop-ups, pop-unders, as well as banners could have links inside of them that can redirect you. When visiting such websites, especially with an unknown origin, they could inject the malware inside your computer device. That can happen via any browser.

Trojan.Bitcoinminer – What Does It Do?

Trojan.Bitcoinminer is the detection name used for a malware that can enter your computer with a Trojan horse. This particular Trojan is in fact a miner malware that will mine a specific cryptocurrency.

Below, you can see other names that the Trojan.Bitcoinminer has as detections from other malware removal programs:

  • PUP.Optional.Bitminer
  • RDN/Generic.dx!cxt
  • Riskware.Win32.BtcMine.cnywcu
  • Tool.BtcMine.157
  • Trojan ( 0048fd0e1 )
  • Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT
  • Trojan.Win32.S.BitMiner.932352
  • W32/Trojan.PBJZ-2853
  • Win32/BitCoinMiner.AS
  • Win32/Trojan.Multi.daf

In case you see one of these detections in the security applications you use, you should remove the threat immediately. The unwanted program can cause stuttering and freezing that can lead to other programs crashing and stopping to work properly if the Trojan.Bitcoinminer is active.

The Trojan.Bitcoinminer malware is highly likely to make some additional components that will aid it to achieve its purpose to full effect. Thus, after it being executed on the system, it may establish a remote connection to a command and control server where all other malicious files are available. There are some essential Windows folders in which the malicious files can be dropped:

  • %AppData%
  • %Local%
  • %LocalLow%
  • %Roaming%
  • %Temp%

The following registry key entry might be present on your computer system:


The entry listed above will make the miner to launch with every restart or boot of your computer device.

Trojan.Bitcoinminer will mainly mine the BitCoin cryptocurrency, although it can also mine FeatherCoin. While doing so, a lot of computer resources can be used up, including an increased usage in CPU, GPU, RAM and power consumption. It is highly recommend that you remove the malware threat, because it will mine cryptocurrencies for somebody else at the expense of your degradation of your computer by hoarding system resources.

Remove Trojan.Bitcoinminer Fully

To remove Trojan.Bitcoinminer manually from your computer, follow the step-by-step removal tutorial written down below. In case this manual removal does not get rid of the miner malware completely, you should search for and remove any leftover items with an advanced anti-malware tool. Such software can keep your computer secure in the future.

Note! Your computer system may be affected by Trojan.Bitcoinminer and other threats.
Scan Your PC with SpyHunter
SpyHunter is a powerful malware removal tool designed to help users with in-depth system security analysis, detection and removal of threats such as Trojan.Bitcoinminer.
Keep in mind, that SpyHunter’s scanner is only for malware detection. If SpyHunter detects malware on your PC, you will need to purchase SpyHunter’s malware removal tool to remove the malware threats. Read our SpyHunter 5 review. Click on the corresponding links to check SpyHunter’s EULA, Privacy Policy and Threat Assessment Criteria.

To remove Trojan.Bitcoinminer follow these steps:

1. Boot Your PC In Safe Mode to isolate and remove Trojan.Bitcoinminer files and objects
2. Find files created by Trojan.Bitcoinminer on your PC

Before starting the Automatic Removal below, please boot back into Normal mode, in case you are currently in Safe Mode.
This will enable you to install and use SpyHunter 5 successfully.

Use SpyHunter to scan for malware and unwanted programs

3. Scan for malware and unwanted programs with SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool

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