VK Virus – How to Remove It

VK Virus – How to Remove It

VK Virus imageWhat are VK Viruses? Is a VK Virus dangerous? How to remove a VK Virus from your computer?

The VK virus is a new web threat which aims to impersonate the popular VK social network. The victims can get infected with it through various methods, it all depends on the hacking strategies and local machine conditions. Our in-depth removal guide will guide victims on effectively restoring their machines.

Threat Summary

NameVK Virus
TypeRedirect, Browser Hijacker
Short DescriptionRedirect Virus that takes advantage of the legitimate and famous VK download portal.
SymptomsThe symptoms may be ranging from seeing redirects to having symptom-less Trojan on your computer.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by VK Virus


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VK Virus – How Did I Get It

The VK Virus is a family of web-based threats and executable files which all seek to coerce the victims into thinking that they have accessed a file or site that is affiliated with the popular VK (VKontakte) social network. In fact the virus files are in no way affiliated with it, they merely take advantage of the fact that the site is used by many users around the world an they will download and interact with almost every piece of software or site that may appear as part of the network.

Based on this the hackers will be able to push the VK Virus samples via different methods. Usually the most popular versions are malicious pages that copy the down the content of the social network. These pages are usually hosted on domain names that sound very similar to the real one. These fake sites will also include security certificates that are either self-signed or stolen.

The users can also receive the links via various phishing campaigns — the most common sources are the email messages and fake redirects portals. They are designed to pose as legitimate messages that have been sent in by the social network.

The VK Virus can also be embedded in various payload carriers of which there are two main types:

  • Malicious Documents — The criminals can craft documents across all popular types that will include the relevant infection scripts. This include spreadsheets, presentations, databases and text files.
  • Application Installers — The hackers can also create setup packages of popular software which is commonly acquired by end users.

All executable files can also be uploaded to various file-sharing networks — the most popular one being BitTorrentt. It is used to spread both legitimate and pirate content. In certain situations the hackers can also use browser hijackers that will deliver the required scripts — they are uploaded to the relevant repositories of the popular web browsers using fake user reviews and developer credentials.

VK Virus – What Does It Do?

The VK virus can take various forms depending on the exact type which is contacted by the victims. In most cases it will follow a prescribed behavior pattern or it will engage certain modules depending on local conditions. Whichever the case in almost all similar infections of the first malicious actions that are undertaken is the information gathering one. Using the built-in engine the hackers will look for specific strings that will allow them to harvest data that can reveal the identity of the victims and a complete hardware profile of their computers. The data sets can then be used further by the next module in the sequence called security bypass — it will scan for the presence of any applications that can effectively block the VK Virus and bypass and/or delete them. This is effective against the the likes of anti-virus programs, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and etc.

The VK virus can also be used to conduct boot options changes allowing it to start with the operating system. Advanced virus versions can be programmed to disallow access to the recovery boot options which will make it very difficult to follow most manual removal guides. This can be combined with the removal of sensitive files like backups, shadow volume copies and restore points.

Many VK virus samples can lead to Windows Registry changes in which the hackers will modify existing values or create new ones specifically for the threat. This will lead to serious problems with the performance and stability of the systems, as well as potential data loss and unexpected errors.

A very dangerous consequence of having an active VK virus infection is their ability to be used as payload delivery devices for other threats. This includes practically all popular malware forms: Trojans, miners, redirects, hijackers and etc. This is the reason why we recommend that all victims remove the Vk virus from their computers as soon as possible to prevent any further problems.

Remove VK Virus from Your Machine

In order to be able to remove VK Virus, you should know where it’s files and objects are hidden. The main idea is to follow the removal steps below. They are made to help you isolate the virus and detect and delete the malicious files. For the complete detection and removal of VK Virus, however, we strongly suggest that you download and run a free scan with an advanced anti-malware software. Such tool will automatically identify and eliminate all of the virus files and objects, related to any VK Virus from your computer plus protect it in the future too.


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