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Windows 7 Regaining Users, While Windows 10 Is Losing Ground

Are you a Windows user? If so, have you switched to Windows 10, or are you still running an older version of Microsoft’s operating system? According to new market share statistics by NetMarketShare, Windows 7 started growing again in February meanwhile Windows 10 is losing users.

Windows 7 Becoming Popular Again

Interestingly, the statistics show that Windows 7 is at the top position on the desktop with a share of almost 50 percent (48.41 percent). Windows 10, in comparison, has only 25.19 percent in terms of desktop use. Surprisingly or not, Windows XP is third (8.45 percent), and Windows 8.1 is at the bottom with 6.87 percent.

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The dynamics between Windows 10 and Windows 7 are quite intriguing. Windows 7, being an older version of the operating system, is becoming more popular once again, whereas the latest and most marketed one is losing ground. The declining of Windows 10 may not be that drastic but it’s still concerning that it’s failing in times when everyone is expecting it to jump ahead.

In just a month Windows 7 gained a little more than 1 percent in popularity – from 47.20 to 48.42 percent. On the contrary is Windows 10 which is dropping – from 25.30 to 25.19. It is a small decrease but it’s becoming a tendency, especially when we consider Microsoft’s aggressive marketing manners when it comes to its latest product. Things definitely haven’t changed and Microsoft still wants Windows 10 on as many machines as possible, but still Windows 7 is regaining its popularity among users.

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What about Windows XP?

Even though Microsoft ceased the support for Windows XP, many home-based users and organizations were still using it, which has led to plenty of malicious attacks. Fortunately, it appears that XP, after almost 16 years, is finally falling away, declining from 9.17 to 8.4 percent last month. This is definitely good news as XP hasn’t received any patches since April 2014!

Microsoft is still concentrated in pushing Windows 10, but it has failed to accomplish its plan of having its latest operating system running on 1 billion devices.

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