AdamLocker Virus Remove and Restore Guide

AdamLocker Virus Remove and Restore Guide

This article aims to help you remove AdamLocker ransomware virus from your computer and restore access to Windows functions.

AdamLocker is a newly discovered by malware researchers crypto virus that encrypts your most important files and demands a ransom in exchange for a decryption key. If you are a victim of AdamLocker, you may be tempted to pay the ransom and get your files quickly decrypted. However, paying the ransom only fosters cyber crime and does not guarantee that you will receive the promised decryption key. What you should do instead is to remove AdamLocker from your system first and then try to restore some of your data afterwards via trustworthy data recovery tools. Sometimes, malware researchers manage to come up with a universal decryption key for a certain type of ransomware and then release it online for everyone infected.

Threat Summary


AdamLocker Virus

Short DescriptionAdamLocker is still in development but it appears to be a successfully written ransomware.
SymptomsA ransom note is dropped on the victim’s computer. An .adam extension is appended to their files.
Distribution Method Spam emails.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by AdamLocker Virus


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin our forum to Discuss AdamLocker Virus.
Data Recovery ToolWindows Data Recovery by Stellar Phoenix Notice! This product scans your drive sectors to recover lost files and it may not recover 100% of the encrypted files, but only few of them, depending on the situation and whether or not you have reformatted your drive.

AdamLocker Virus – Details

AdamLocker virus is also known under the alias of RW.adm_64 and it’s been developed by puff69.

Once encrypted, the targeted files receive the .adam extension and that’s how you know that AdamLocker has taken over your files.

Another feature of AdamLocker virus is the ransom note it drops on your desktop once it’s locked your files. The note reads the following:

Your computer has been infected by Adam! Random documents and files have been encrypted and a key generated to prevent further actions. To prevent this, please follow this link to get your unlock key.
Exiting This windows WILL cause the key to be destroyed!!!
button “Open”

AdamLocker Virus – Distribution

AdamLocker virus is being spread via email spam campaigns just like the majority of ransomware infections out there. The spam emails usually look like they are coming from a familiar sender and contain an attached compromised file or URL. Once opened, the infection is activated and enters your system.

AdamLocker Virus – Removal Guide

At first, paying the ransom may seem the quickest and most logical step for the affected users, but getting involved with the cyber criminals behind any type of ransomware will likely bring even more trouble. Keep in mind, that even if you pay the required amount and get your files unlocked, the cyber criminals may strike again since they have been successful the first time.

What we suggest is to remove AdamLocker virus by following the manual instructions below or by using a trustworthy anti-malware tool. After that you can try to restore some of your data using a reliable data recovery tool.

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