CompatTelRunner.exe – WHAT IS IT + How to Remove It

CompatTelRunner.exe – WHAT IS IT + How to Remove It

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What is CompatTelRunner.exe process? Is CompatTelRunner.exe a virus or is it legitimate file? Why CompatTelRunner.exe is running at 100% CPU?

The CompatTelRunner.exe malware is a dangerous virus which imitates the legitimate Windows process which is otherwise as Windows Compatibility Telemetry. This is a Windows service which is an essential part of the operating system. It is used to send performance and usage data to Microsoft when a network connection is available.

Many viruses can pose as this process and lead to various malware actions including the following:

  • Data Theft — The virus can be used in order to steal files from the compromised computers.
  • Malware Delivery — The infections can be used in order to deploy other threats to the affected machines: miners, Trojans and etc.
  • System Changes — Many viruses can be used in order to modify the operating system. This can affect both the settings in general and certain user preferences. The consequences can include data loss and unexpected errors.
  • Botnet Recruitment — The victim systems can be recruited to a worldwide network of hosts that can be used by the criminals to carry out complex DDOS attacks.

Depending on the local conditions and hacker configuration various other modules can be loaded. Whenever an infection has been made we suggest that the victims remove it as fast as possible in order to protect themselves from extended damage.

Threat Summary

TypeGeneric malware.
Short DescriptionPoses as the legitimate Windows process.
SymptomsThe CompatTelRunner.exe process will be running in the background and will execute various malware actions..
Distribution MethodVia malicious websites, malicious e-mails as well as other methods of replication.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by CompatTelRunner.exe


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss CompatTelRunner.exe.

CompatTelRunner.exe Malware – Infection

In order to infect computers, the CompatTelRunner.exe does not target any computer in particular, but rather spreads via massive distribution tools, like spam bots that send web links online on forums or chats or files uploaded for free download online. Such files are often:

  • Fake setups of a program you may be looking for.
  • Key generators.
  • Software license activators.

In addition to simply being uploaded passively online, the CompatTelRunner.exe may also contain various different types of files or infection scripts on URLs that can be spread via malicious spam e-mails that may be sent to you via spam bots, configured to make the spam e-mails appear very realistic and trustworthy.

CompatTelRunner.exe Malware – More Information

As soon as the CompatTelRunner.exe malware has infected your computer, the virus may connect to a remote host and download it’s malicious payload. The payload may consist of more than one file and the files may be of the following file types:

→ .exe, .dll, .tmp, .bat, .vbs, .wsf, .js

As soon as the malicious files of CompatTelRunner.exe have been downloaded, the virus may set a registry entry in the Run and RunOnce sub-keys of Windows which may result in the malware running automatically on Windows boot. The sub-keys have the following locations:

→ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

Remove CompatTelRunner.exe from Your Computer

In order to make sure that the CompatTelRunner.exe is completely gone from your computer system, it is strongly advisable that you follow the removal instructions, which we have prepared for CompatTelRunner.exe down below. They are divided in manual removal instructions and automatic removal ones. If you lack experience in removing malware, like the CompatTelRunner.exe, which creates a lot of objects on your PC, experts recommend removing this malware, by using a specific malware removal software. Such will not only remove the CompatTelRunner.exe completely and automatically, but will also make sure that your GPU is safe from intrusive mining injectors in the future as well.


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