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Privacy Bee Service Deletes User Data from Thousands of Databases

A new privacy service developed by Privacy Bee, an Atlanta-based platform focuses on removing users’ data from thousands of databases.

The idea of the service is to scrub personal data from databases of companies so that the data can’t be sold or hacked, this decreasing the chances of data breaches and exposure of PII.

Data practices seen in companies are often insufficient, and the response to data breaches could take up to 206 days. According to an IBM research, that’s the amount of days necessary for a company to identify a data breach in 2019.

A platform that provides the service of data deletion seems to be the perfect solution to the data breach problem. So, what exactly is Privacy Bee and what does the company offer?

What Is Privacy Bee and How Does It Work?

Privacy Bee is a managed privacy solution and a privacy platform that automatically submits removal requests on behalf of users. The processes of data deletion and opt-out requests are all automated. Furthermore, Privacy bee has also created a database of companies that comply with the constantly changing privacy legislation. The company has also created a semi-automated system for the deletion of users’ data which works on the company-by-company principle.

How does Privacy Bee work? There are several steps that need to be followed, as explained on the official website. The very first step is signing up and confirming your identity, and then granting the platform permission to work with other companies on your behalf. “Privacy Bee’s team seeks out any organization that must legally comply with current privacy laws, then analyzes their privacy policy and specific data privacy procedures,” the website says.

How much does the service cost? The price is $9 per month and $86 per year, with the fee covering all opt-out and deletion requests, follow-ups, and continued coverage of new companies added to Privacy Bee’s database. It should also be noted that the company is self-funded and has no outside capital.

Does Privacy Bee ask for any personal information? Yes, it does. However, the personal details needed to be shared are very limited. This information is only needed for companies to make the requests. No user information is shared or sold.

In June, Google became the subject of a class action, regarding the invasion of the privacy of millions of users. The complaint, filed to the District Court of Northern California claims that Google is tracking users’ browsing and other data via Google Analytics and related tools regardless of the browsing mode of the user.

The class action is demanding $5,000 in damages per user, or three times actual damages, whichever is greater for the invasion of privacy.

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  1. G. Jack

    They took my $86. I tried to log into my account and could not. I asked for my $ back and never received it. I would not use the company.

  2. tony b

    This is a fake scam clown company! don’t trust them. you have been warned

    1. Milena Dimitrova (Post author)

      Hi Tony. Tell us more about your experience with the company.

  3. Morgan

    This is absolutely a scam company! do not give your info!


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