Reddit Virus – How to Remove It

Reddit Virus – How to Remove It

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What are Reddit viruses? Is a Reddit virus dangerous? How to remove a Reddit virus from your computer?

Reddit viruses are not something that is new. Since Reddit is one of the biggest platforms for discussing topics of all types out there, it is often targeted by malware authors who infect computer users as well as mobile users via the platform. Over time, many complaints have arisen over virus-related infections as a result of visiting Reddit. Not only this, but we have also received numerous reports on people getting to fake phishing Reddit pages with the main goal to enter their credentials. If you believe that you have a Reddit virus on your computer or smartphone, we recommend reading this article.

Threat Summary

NameReddit Virus
Short DescriptionVirus that takes advantage of the legitimate and famous site Reddit.
SymptomsThe symptoms may be ranging from seeing redirects to having symptom-less Trojan on your computer.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Reddit Virus


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Reddit Virus.

Reddit Virus – How Did I Get It and What Does It Do?

Typically, there are many types of viruses that may take advantage of Reddit out there. For one, a user has asked if you can get a virus on Reddit as a result of clicking on a virus link:

While there is such a minimal chance, most of the Reddit links are completely safe to visit. There are those links, however, that may ask you to download a dubious software of some sort and several other types of threats on your computer, whose primary goal is to work against your interests. These may end up to be the following types of threats:

Trojan Horses

Trojans often aim to slither on your computer undetected and then steal files from it, log your keystrokes, take screenshots and even enable your camera or microphone. Some Trojans not only can steal your credit card details and banking information, but also have the capability of downloading and running other malware on your computer.

Redirect Viruses

These types of viruses as they are called are not exactly a virus. In essence, they are a browser hijacking software, that changes the settings on your browser, with the main purpose of making sure that redirections are displayed on your computer or smartphone as one user on reddit has reported:

In this situation, we have seen a classic Amazon Phishing Virus that has led to your computer as a result of a bogus or compromised application.

Similar to other viruses, just like it, such as Facebook Virus, the Reddit virus may infect users without them even realising it and the outcome of this is not always good. This is why, we strongly suggest that you remove it from your computer.

Remove Reddit Virus from Your Machine

In order to be able to remove Reddit virus, you should know where it’s files and objects are hidden. The main idea is to follow the removal steps below. They are made to help you isolate the virus and detect and delete the malicious files. For the complete detection and removal of Reddit Virus, however, we strongly suggest that you download and run a free scan with an advanced anti-malware software. Such tool will automatically identify and eliminate all of the virus files and objects, related to any Reddit Virus from your computer plus protect it in the future too.

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