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Remove Satana Ransomware and Restore Gricakova Encrypted Files

satana-boot-message-sensorstechforumA file encryption virus believed to be originating from Bosnia, named Satana is reported to use a mixture of strong AES plus RSA encryption ciphers to encode files of unsuspecting victims. The virus demands the approximate sum of 0.5 BTC from its victims and gives seven days deadline. Despite the strong encryption security experts always advise against making the payoff to cyber-criminals, for obvious reasons. Instead, it is recommended to swiftly remove this virus by downloading an advanced anti-malware software and try alternative solutions similar to the ones in this article to restore some of your files.

Threat Summary

TypeRansomware virus/ Screen locker
Short DescriptionSatana encriphers data with the RSA algorithm and AES cipher and asks a 0.5 BTC payoff for restoring access to the encoded files..
SymptomsAll of the data is encroded and becomes inaccessible. A ransom note with instructions for paying the ransom shows as a !satana!.txt file, boot screen and window pop-up.
Distribution MethodSpam Emails, Email Attachments, File Sharing Networks.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Satana


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin our forum to Discuss Satana Ransomware.
Data Recovery ToolWindows Data Recovery by Stellar Phoenix Notice! This product scans your drive sectors to recover lost files and it may not recover 100% of the encrypted files, but only few of them, depending on the situation and whether or not you have reformatted your drive.

Satana Ransomware’s Distribution Strategy

To spread effectively and infect successfully Satana ransomware virus may use a range of tools and techniques to bypass security and fool the user into opening its malicious files. For instance, the user may get infected by opening a spam e-mail message attachment which resembles something of importance such as a confirmation letter from a bank the user may be registered in, for example. The attachment may have malicious JavaScript, Payload Loader or in some cases it may open a URL which will redirect to a malicious web link which could infect the user via an Exploit Kit. For successful infection, Satana ransomware may utilize so-called program obfuscators which aim to conceal the malicious executables from antivirus software with real-time shields. However some anti-malware programs detect such obfuscators by monitoring the activity files and whether or not a payload is dropped.

Satana Ransomware In Depth

After it has been activated and has infected a computer system, Satana will remain hidden while encrypting important files of infected users. Its encryption module is programmed to encipher a wide variety of file extensions, which are:

  • Adobe Reader PDF files.
  • Microsoft Office documents.
  • Different Video files.
  • Different types of audio files.
  • Various types of files associated with databases and different programs like Photoshop, Movie Maker, etc.

The scary part is what Satana uses to encrypt the files. It uses a two-key encryption, which can be illustrated in detail if you read the following article:

Ransomware Encryption Explained – Why Is It So Effective?

Explained in brief, the encryption which has been used by Satana includes two of the most powerful ciphers:

  • RSA.
  • AES.

One of the algorithms, AES, may be used to encrypt the files themselves and generate a decryption key which itself may be additionally encrypted with RSA cipher and sent out to the cyber-criminals’ server which controls the whole operation.

After encryption, Satata ransomware changes the name of the files from their start, instead of adding a file extension. The name remains in an original variant, but its beginning appears with the contact e-mail address of the cyber-criminals, for example:

Judging by the origin of the word Gricakova, it is believed that this Ransomware virus might be originating from Bosnia.

Also, Satana(Devil) ransomware uses extreme measures to notify the victims that they are in a tough spot – it displays a message on startup, displays a pop-up and drops a !satana!.txt file so that the user can see it. All of the screens and the text file contain the very same ransom note, reported by infected users to be the following:

→ “You had bad luck. There was crypting of all your files in a FS bootkit virus

To decrypt you need send on this E-mail: [email protected] your private code: {unique identification of the victim here} and pay on a Bitcoin Wallet: XjU81vkJn4kExpBE2r92tcA3zXVdbfux6T total 0,5 btc After that during 1 – 2 days the software will be sent to you – decryptor – and the necessary instructions. All changes in hardware configurations of your computer can make the decryption of your files absolutely impossible! Decryption of your files is possible only on your PC! Recovery is possible during 7 days, after which the program – decryptor – can not ask for the necessary signature from a public certificate server. Please contact via e-mail, which you can find as yet in the form of a text document in a folder with encrypted files, as well as in the name of all encrypted files.If you do not appreciate your files we recommend you format all your disks and reinstall the system. Read carefully this warning as it is no longer able to see at startup of the computer. We remind once again- it is all serious! Do not touch the configuration of your computer!
E-mail: [email protected] – this is our mail
CODE: {unique identification code of the victim here} this is code; you must send
BTC: XjU81vkJn4kExpBE2r92tcA3zXVdbfux6T here need to pay 0,5 bitcoins
How to pay on the Bitcoin wallet you can easily find on the Internet. Enter your unlock code, obtained by E-mail here and press “ENTER” to
continue the normal download on your computer. Good luck! May God help you!

Here is how the message looks when a pop-up is displayed and on system boot as well as in the text document:


Permanently Remove Satana Ransomware and Try To Restore The Files

To eradicate Satana Ransomware virus in full from your computer, we advise you to take a look and follow the Manual or Automatic removal instructions after this article. They are created with a clear purpose – to effectively contribute to the removal of Satana. However, since this ransomware virus creates multiple files on your computer as well as modifies heavily the Windows Registry Editor, it may be difficult to delete all of the objects manually. This is why in case you want to be sure the virus is removed, experts recommend using a particular anti-malware program which will not only find and delete all files associated with Satana Ransomware but protect your computer from ransomware in the future as well.

To attempt getting back your files, we urge you to try restoring them with the alternative solutions we have provided in step “3. Restore files encrypted by Satana Ransomware” after this article. They are no guarantee you will get your files back, but if you are lucky you may restore some of your files, at least until a working decryptor is created for this virus. As soon as researchers release such decryptor, we will make sure to notify you by updating this article, so we suggest that you bookmark it and check it often.

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