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Remove Trojan.Ransomlock.G from Your PC

trojanTrojan.Ransomlock.G, also known as Reveton, is a family of ransomware Trojans attacking users mainly from the United States, Canada, Europe and some parts of the Middle East. Its purpose is locking your system and scaring you into paying a ransom fee in order to gain back access to your computer.

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How Does Trojan.Ransomlock.G Work?

Once in your system (without your permission), Trojan.Ransomlock.G blocks you from accessing your files. It then displays an HTML pop-up warning claiming to be from the United States FBI. The message says your computer has been locked as it has been used for illegal purposes and, in order to unblock it, the user has to pay a fine (the required ransom fee).

Of course, many users do fall for this message as it sounds legit considering that it is coming from US authorities. Many of them are likely to rush into completing a transaction of the required amount (usually 100 Euro for European users and 200 Dollars for those in the U.S.), expecting to fix the problem.
Typically, the Trojan.Ransomlock.G requires its victims to pay via MoneyPak, which is a widely popular method of collecting ransoms among ransomware Trojans such as Ukash and Paysafecard.
The “problem,” however, cannot be fixed by paying the ransom because it’s never been there in the first place.

How to Get Rid of Trojan.Ransomlock.G

You should know by now that Trojan.Ransomlock.G has nothing to do with FBI, and is not capable of detecting any illegal activities on your computer. For this reason, removing it is a must.


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